The Best of Both Worlds.

‘Chewie, we’re home.’


For the last week, I’ve been going through old Apple events in the mid 2000’s, mainly the iPod announcements. The one that stands out for me is the reveal of the iPod Video. I remember hoping for one like that to come out ever since I bought an iPod Photo from a trip in America.
One thing that struck me, was that there was, in 2006, three iPod models with different screen sizes, storage sizes, and colours. All justifiable, all available. A year later, that went up to four with the new iPod Touch.
Ten years later, we now have the same, but with the iPhone. Customers’ tastes have varied so much now, that if there was only one iPhone model, with only one screen size available in 2016, there would be an uproar.

Since the announcement of the iPhone 6, I was hoping that Apple wouldn’t forget the 4 inch model, and hopefully update it with the speed of the current models.
That day finally came when they announced, as I’d hoped, with the iPhone SE.
As soon as pre-orders opened up, I reserved one on the following Thursday at 8am, and waited patiently for it to arrive the following week.


Instantly, it feels comfortable to use. It’s as fast and powerful as the iPhone 6S, but comfortable for me. It doesn’t stick out in my pocket, and best of all, there’s no protruding camera at the back to have it uneven.
I made a mistake last year, in restoring a backup on iTunes to my new 6S. This was one made from the iPhone 6 back in September of 2014, and by then, restoring it would not give me the full performance due to the build up of data from the many apps I used over that period.
This time, I started afresh, with iCloud downloading all of my photos and videos, including ones I thought hadn’t uploaded. Compared to my experiences with Apple Music, I was impressed.
Contacts and separate backups for certain apps such as WhatsApp downloaded with no issues, and Spotify and my iCloud Music Library (surprisingly) downloaded the albums I wanted again correctly, along with their album arts.
So far, I’m content with the SE. 64GB is a size that is ideal to me, with roughly half of that storage currently remaining.


It’s also slightly changed how I use the iPad and Watch.
I only have my iCloud email on my SE, while I can catch up with all three of my accounts on my iPad. If I need to share anything, OneDrive is a great app that allows me to do this. But alas, the fact that I’m using the iPad even more, the more the 9.7″ iPad Pro model is becoming appealing. But for now, that will be something to think about for later in the year.
The iPhone now has only four main uses for me:

  • Messaging.
  • Camera.
  • Music.
  • Finances.

Anything else is now offloaded to the iPad or Watch for convenience or for further work.
A bigger screen in my pocket doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact I have the best power (at present) in my pocket, to use as I wish for the camera and my music.

I don’t have to use reachability anymore to access a function at the top of the app, or having to move my whole hand as its become uncomfortable to hold the 6S as I’m reading an email in bed for example.
The battery is also noticeable. I don’t have to put it on charge by half 1, it lasts the whole day. It’s possibly due to the improved power optimisation features of the A9 chip and iOS 9, alongside the fact it doesn’t have to focus on, not only the bigger screen, but the 3D Touch display as well.

Overall, I’m happy I made the switch. It’s the iPhone I’ve been wanting for two years, and above all, it’s a comfortable device once again.