Final Zone – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

‘Ladies and gentleman, The Ooze, is back!’

Think of Streets of Rage + Power Rangers combined in one game, and you’ve got a good few hours planned in 1995.

But it was less than straightforward in winning against ‘The Ooze’.


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After six stages of fighting through the early seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and scenes from the movie, you choose between two zords; the Falconzord or the Ninja Megazord. I can tell if you used to watch these as a child, those are names you haven’t heard of in a very long time.

I watched a few videos of the movie on Youtube, such as the trailermaking of, and some scenes people have randomly uploaded. It’s amazing how bad it looks and sounds now, but it’s still oddly haunting to see Zordon slowly dying in a puddle of broken crystals out of something from the the planet Krypton.

This game matches the movie, while tying it into the tv series by way of flashbacks, so you can control the other ‘zords’ that they had throughout the first three seasons.

There’s even a hidden boss, Lord Zedd himself.

If you go into the right cave in Stage 4, you discover him, or rather, his hand.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2016-02-05 22.56.10

You have to dodge the explosions the hand makes, while also making time to kick and punch this hand until the screen fades into white, bringing you back to the stage. Random, short, but surprising.

But of course, Ivan Ooze is the ultimate final boss in this game. Merged with the ‘Ecto-Morphicon’ boss you fought in Stage 2, it’s now faster, stronger, and will grab you and throw you to the ground, taking up to half of your health.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2016-03-29 21.16.09

Throughout this, you’ve got Ron Wasserman’s soundtrack, recreated amazingly on the Yamaha YM2612 sound chip that’s soldered to every Mega Drive. Admittedly, if there’s someone I need to block out as I’m in Madame Waffle or a Nero’s from loud whistling for example, the soundtrack is usually played and it helps so much.

The controls are very similar to Streets of Rage 2, with B being the attack, or holding it down performs a special attack. The A button uses the same attack when being a zord, while it’s a different move when being a ranger. The C button is either jump for a ranger, or block for a zord, and that’s all the controls you need. Double tapping the left or right directional button can make you dash, which can help with the Ooze.

Holding down C in this fight is incredibly important, otherwise you’ll be fired upon with his explosive arrows, but sometimes he may just break the guard and throw you up again, or absorb your health.

After a few credits used, you’ve finally beaten him to submission and with only a few hits left, he flies, trying to escape. But the CPU suddenly takes control, launching a small cutscene showing a chase, and then landing on the moon for the final part.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2016-03-29 21.18.35

It’s essentially the same fight again, just on a different level, but the music is the Power Rangers theme tune instead.

You feel pumped. You might be 27 years old playing a Power Rangers game, but you do. You can’t help it when the music still sounds good.

You want to win this.

Both health bars are recharged, and the fight begins, repeating the tactics you’ve now learned since the last level, and now you’re dodging, blocking, and timing your attacks, until he flies away again, for the final cutscene to begin.

Admittedly, there’s many more pictures in this Final Zone this week, but the great art and the colour on the characters really makes everything shine.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2016-03-29 21.20.33

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 2016-03-29 21.20.47

Once again, the Power Rangers win, ready for another episode of recycled footage and dubbed vocals.

Ivan Ooze has been ‘kicked’ into an asteroid, destroyed into oblivion, and you finally beat the game.

It’s a short game admittedly, with some stages going on far too long (Stage 2 especially comes to mind) but overall, it’s fun, and the hidden surprise of fighting Lord Zedd midway through the game, makes it worth replaying over and over. Once you also have a second play alongside throughout the whole game, it makes it even more fun.

A favourite stage of mine apart from Ivan Ooze, is when you can play as the Tigerzord or the Thunder Megazord, fighting against one of Zedd’s monsters, while the ‘White Ranger Theme’ plays. Playing this in two player only makes it more enjoyable.

Being a licensed game, you’ll have trouble finding it to buy on Steam or a Mega Drive collection, so if you’re popping by Gotham Games, they might just have a version of it somewhere.

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