Streaming Sundays.

After a successful stream on the 9th for the NSPCC, I might have caught the bug from it.

I’ve decided to do a weekly stream on Sundays.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 20.59.48

There’s already been one this past Sunday on the 13th, where it was a two hour play of Tomb Raider II. It went well before I got bored once more of the underwater levels after ‘Diving Area’.

I want the layout to be similar to the site, so everything can match. Much like an article, the content is front and centre of the screen, and if a game can only be widescreen and not 4:9, this layout can fit it regardless.

I’m thinking of another try in the Tibet levels, or playing the original game instead this coming Sunday.

Each one will (hopefully) be live from 6pm, mostly every Sunday, for however long I see fit. Could be a half hour, or as long as three, depends how long before I become bored or hungry. There may be rare ones where it’s Saturday instead, probably due to time, life, or even multiplayer on certain consoles.

Every stream will be uploaded to YouTube in this playlist, where you can easily find what’s been played so far.

There will also be a link in the header which will go live on Sunday, and a stream will be tweeted about on Twitter, but requests are gladly welcome.

The channel will be on Twitch, and can be subscribed to here.

Details for that week’s stream will be stated on Twitter, at the earliest Friday night, at the latest Saturday afternoon. If you have notifications switched on for Twitch and you follow me, you’ll be given a notification anyway.

Let’s see how this goes.