iPhone 6S & Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Comparison.


In the last week I’ve been able to carry around the Samsung Galaxy S7, released today to people who have pre-ordered it, and to everyone else this Friday.

I’ve taken more photos at night compared to last time with the Sony Xperia Z5, to give both devices more of a varied comparison.

Using it as normal throughout the week, it’s much better to hold thanks to the curved back, with less chance of it slipping out of your grasp. The battery can last a good day and a half as well, alongside the apps showing no noticeable slow down in the whole time I had the S7.

Overall, I was impressed. The sensor in the twelve megapixel camera is much improved compared to the Galaxy S6, and the time it took to focus was faster than on my iPhone 6S. You can especially see this on the two photos of Bailgate at night.

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