Playstation 2: Forgotten Years.

Most of the articles I’ve written about in the last few years have been the games that stood out to me.
But almost nothing is spoken of the games I had when I had the PlayStation 2.
I’ve decided to start writing about some, and of what I had back in the day, and to try and complete them.
But first, in the words of Marvin Candle, a little history.

In the beginning of the 2000’s, I had the choice of saving up for a Dreamcast, or, a PlayStation 2, of which I’d been reading up on in my monthly subscription to GamesMaster.
But I decided to go back to Sega, and buy a Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure was on, but apart from Christmas for a game, not much else was played, and unfortunately, in 2001 I read the news it was about to be killed and Sega were going to transform into purely a software company.


PS2 Logo

With this, I quickly sold it, and when the price of the PlayStation 2 dropped to £269 in Toys R’ Us, it was bought. It came with Zone of the Enders, which had a demo of Metal Gear Solid 2, which sweetened the deal. I completed the demo more times than I did completing Z.O.E.
When Blockbuster was still open, I’d rent games such as Onimusha, and enjoy a weekend full of it.
As a side note, I’m puzzled as to why Onimusha hasn’t had a remaster or a reboot. The trilogy was a great series, and not being able to play it as HD Remaster on either the PS3 or PS4 is a shame.
But after Christmas 2001, and I received Devil May Cry and Crash: Wrath of Cortex, I kept going back to the older games.
Tomb Raider II. Pandemonium.
I started to think that the games of now were missing something.
Sure, they were graphically superior to a PSX game, but it wasn’t as fun to me.
Looking back, the only ones I remember were a port of Unreal Tournament, Onimusha, Tekken Tag and Tekken 4.
Nothing else.


As a birthday present to me a month ago, I bought a PlayStation 2, an original model.
Bought from Gotham Games, it came with an 8MB Memory Card, two original controllers, fully boxed.
It came with an A/V cable, but when it’s showing Tekken 4 on a 50″ HD television, it looks terrible.
After looking into it, I saw a component cable on Amazon, and once that was used, the picture had improved enough to get rid of the blur.


After completing a couple of games so far in-between the day job, I’ve decided to try and complete a game each month, then write some short impressions.
I did have a PlayStation 3 a couple of years ago that was able to play PS2 games, but it failed on me only two months after owning it.
I keep seeing games from long ago at Gotham Games or CEX, such as Airblade for a steal at 35p.
Or Nightfire, where the snow map and the remote controlled missile always brings back good memories.
Last week on the off chance of hoping to spot Burnout 3: Takedown, I discover The Bouncer and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.
All of these will be talked about in time.
It will be a feature that probably won’t be as regular as Final Zone, due to possibly being stuck on a certain part in a game, but one a month is the aim regardless.

Next week will start with a game that is essentially, Resident Evil with swords.