Final Zone: Wario Blast.

This is a game that’s been forgotten about in the passage of time.

A spinoff of both the Bomberman & Wario series, it was released in 1995, which I received at Christmas of that year. It is most definitely one of those games where you could  happily play it as an endless running marathon, and post your best survival time.

It’s a challenging game.

But with the final boss, it would be guaranteed that you’d lose here and here only in the first time you encountered it.

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! 2015-12-24 22.49.30

After playing as Wario or Bomberman, going through many levels of many themes and collecting power ups along the way, you finally reach a gigantic sized version of Bomberman, similar to Master Mold and the Sentinels from X-Men.

This is where all the power ups you’ve collected will be coming into play.

  • You’ll be placing four bombs at once to rightly time when the boss freezes.
  • You’ll be kicking one or two bombs for one of them to explode just in time when the boss freezes.
  • You’ll be jumping over the blocks to rightly time a bomb placement.

As you’ve probably gathered, the only way to beat this boss is timing, and a lot of luck.
This Mecha-Bomberman fires homing missiles, and the aim is to destroy them first of all. Once they’ve been cleared, the boss will freeze to fire more missiles, and it’s only in this short space of time where you have to place a bomb (or 4), and time it well that the explosions do damage.
When you finally time it right, the missile launchers will be destroyed, moving to the next part.

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! 2016-01-03 19.06.32

Here, Mecha-Bomberman fires out two cannons, pummelling you to death if you are in the way. The same method of time and luck applies here, but it’s ever so slightly easier, as it’s only two cannons, not missiles following you.

After around three hits, the arms are destroyed, leaving the head.

This is the final part, where the head moves slightly faster, and fires what can only be spikes in ever direction. If you’re killed here, you still restart back to the beginning of the fight with the missiles, so a small amount of panic is going to start  distracting you.

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! 2016-01-03 19.07.27

But at last, you manage to dodge the attacks, and the head is destroyed, winning you round and the game.

As I said at the start, this is a difficult challenge, but a fun one. Essentially you’re fighting the boss three times over. If you fail, you start the whole fight again.
It’s fortunate that there’s unlimited continues, otherwise you’d be finding ways to replace your GameBoy after throwing it against a wall repeatedly in frustration.

This is a game that is very underrated and is often forgotten about. You could easily see this remade as a game that could work on a smartphone mixed with local or online multiplayer.
It’s addictive, fun, and when there’s three enemies to beat and it’s just you, it’s fun just to see the AI trip up and kill themselves when they trap themselves between a wall and a bomb.
Find it on Ebay, and treat yourself to Wario Blast.

Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! 2016-01-03 19.08.14Wario Blast featuring Bomberman! 2016-02-17 12.02.06