The iPad Awakens.

”The Delorean will never fly again.” It actually flew?’

‘He got a hover conversion done in the 21st Century.’

It’s bizarre how a piece can already be written from a simple idea from talking to someone.
So this may be jotting it all down but its essentially editing it.
This is why I think iOS 10 is going to be a big release.

I’ve mentioned it before, but since iOS 9 was announced, I’ve seen iOS 7, 8 & 9 as a trilogy of a a bigger plan.

Seven gave the look.

Eight gave the features.

Nine gave the unity of both alongside performance improvements and fixes.

So now, when iOS 10 inevitably gets released, I can see it becoming another step towards replacing the Mac Mini. It gains features that alters how the iPhone and iPad are currently being used, similar as to how the Delorean went from a time machine, to one that flew, giving ease to needing no roads as to where they were going.

With iOS 9.3 in a public beta release, a feature of multiple user profiles has come to the forefront, and for education. Multiple students can log onto one iPad, and they will have their own files and apps, ready to use.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 22.22.00

Imagine for iOS 10, where this can be expanded. A family of four that shares one iPad Air, and TouchID is all that’s required to switch from one user to the next. The parent can easily set a storage limit for their children’s user-space, or even could be done from their own iOS device wirelessly using iCloud.

One thing I’m not expecting, is for it to be called iOS X. It would only fan the flame of it replacing Mac OS eventually, and its not what Apple would want.

It’s also when the ‘reboot’, the next iPhone, will launch alongside iOS 10. I’ve always seen the ‘S’ versions as the sequels, while the new iPhones, (the 4, 5 & 6 models), to be the reboot. The coming reboot will be another major upgrade with a new design. If speculation turns out to be true, we may be investing in headphone adaptors to cater for that missing headphone jack.


For me, it makes sense. It’s a standard that’s older than the CD, the tape, or even the automobile. It’s time for it to go, otherwise it would have in some other way by the next decade. The technology we have now, combined with iOS 10, could make sound quality as perfect and clear as if Bowie was singing Life On Mars beside me, with no drops in quality and a lesser chance of one earphone becoming faulty.

Of course, with this being called ‘The iPad Awakens’, I do think alongside the iPhone 7, it will also be a release to build on the momentum of the iPads since last year.

Split-View and using the keyboard as a trackpad are two features that are incredibly useful to me as I use my iPad Mini 4. I could see Split-View coming into a portrait view. Having a video play in split screen doesn’t work well, but in portrait view, with a book or Safari on the top half, would work well instead.

I did expect the headphone jack to be gone from the iPads first. It’s rare I ever use the port on my iPad, and I’ve rarely seen others do the same on theirs.

It can be the next step to helping the iPad become even more useful. Not a Mac replacement, but an alternative that better suits your needs. Better memory management in Safari would be welcome. Using in Safari isn’t the greatest experience still, and with six other tabs, it still makes it feel like a mobile OS in the vein of iOS 1.0.

But of course, what could be the biggest differentiator is Siri.


Having Siri finally graduate and be even smarter on an iPad would be very valuable. Especially with a third party API. Opening up Siri to apps such as Dark Sky, Fantastical, or even banking apps to get Siri to do a money transfer. To make Siri a complete companion in iOS 10 on the iPad could be the front and centre feature, and the possibilities that developers could do to teach Siri are big.

I’d be surprised if 9.3 wasn’t a precursor to what is going to be fully realised in iOS 10. But I’m more than certain it’s going to be a bigger release than iOS 7 was, and even iOS 2.0 and 1.0 before it.