Final Zone: Warioland.

The third entry in the Mario Land series on Gameboy, but also the start of another.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 2015-12-28 22.05.01

After traipsing through forty levels, you finally find yourself at the pirate’s HQ, with the final boss being, a princess, and her Genie.
By now you’ve used every ability that the game has offered, from the bull-hat, to the jet-hat, and if you were having a hard time, small Wario.

When you reach the Genie, you find yourself at a cutscene, with the Princess waking up, and suddenly realising you, Wario, are in her bedroom, she wakes up the Genie, and he appears, covering most of the screen.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 2015-12-28 22.05.25

He floats from left to right constantly, firing bolts that run down the floor, and one bit of these will damage you. He may do it once or twice, dependant on how much of a hard time he’ll decide to give you.
There’ll also be small genies that appear, which fly from left to right much quicker, while also firing bolts quicker. One jump to its head will knock them out, and you can focus on the Genie himself.

You find the lamp, and you have to keep throwing it, like a roll to the dice. If you throw it well, a cloud will appear, allowing you to climb on top, and jump onto his head, damaging him.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 2016-01-04 17.50.55 3

As with final bosses, he takes much longer than the three hits the previous five bosses had, or one from the Bull boss in the third world.
It also takes longer in the fact that you have to keep throwing the lamp repeatedly. The times it takes for a cloud to appear is random also.
The four times I fought against him, one took a whole minute for a cloud to appear, and while doing this, I was avoiding an onslaught of mini-genies.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 2016-01-04 17.50.59

Finally, you defeat the genie, the lamp is yours, and Mario does a cameo to take back a statue of Princess Peach.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 2015-12-28 22.07.26 2

Now that the Genie is yours, you finally wish for a mansion, one that Mario took back in the previous game. Dependant on how many coins and treasures you’ve collected up to now, the result of the wish will be different.
So far, I’ve had a bird house, a wood house, a castle, and even a planet. Random and fun to see what you’re going to get every time. The fact that you’ve spent a while in the game, and your reward is a bird house, is always amusing to me.

The boss I remember here out of the ‘Land’ series┬áthe most, is mainly because it was the most fun. In Mario Land 2, you had the castle to go through, and finally facing Wario, but using the rabbit power up made sure you beat him in less than a minute, and in both parts. While Mario Land 1 was an Egyptian Mummy, and easily forgettable.
The sequels of WarioLand, apart from 4, weren’t as good for me, and neither were the bosses.

But the first entry has a lot of replay-ability, that makes you want to not only fight the Genie over and over, but also to see if you’ll be living in a bird house from now on.

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