Force Awakens Thoughts.

I’ve seen ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ three times, and in every watch my opinion stays the same; it’s the best one since ‘Empire Strikes Back’.

Star Wars is finally good again. Instead of asking questions as to how this didn’t make sense, or that wasn’t right, we’re now asking questions that gets us excited for what occurs before and after The Force Awakens.

It’s a film that has a lot of heart. No static camera angles, no fake sets, barely even a CGI character. But when there was, they had a purpose and you listened to what they had to say. No childish jokes anywhere.
There’s no senate or blockade in sight.

This could be an essay in itself. But I’m purposefully holding lot back until the end of the year, when its at least on Blu-Ray and etc, so it’s a few observations for now.

There will be spoilers regardless, so I recommend reading the following until you watch it, at least once.


The opening crawl I loved. It said everything it needed to without explaining thirty years, and justified a sequel trilogy in an instant:
Luke Skywalker has vanished.
That’s all that someone needs to gain that itch to scratch, to find out what’s happened to these characters after thirty years, not just expecting them to still be on Endor living in a tree, with stormtrooper helmets for food bowls.
Suddenly, Luke is now the McGuffin of the film, needing to be found by everyone we meet throughout the film, until we finally catch a glimpse at the very end.

The ending scene is a favourite of mine.
You can see in his eyes; Luke is lost, scarred, feels responsible for what happened. To something we’ve only seen a glimpse of in Rey’s vision. He trained his nephew but he was turned to the dark side, massacring other students, destroying the Jedi Academy as we see in glimpses. Eventually with Snoke, the nephew creates a ‘First Order’ based off remnants from the Empire.

It’s something I’m looking forward to seeing in VIII, it’s laid the groundwork for not only the films, but comics that could be set during the burning down of the Academy.
Rey is a great character, and Daisy Ridley is the perfect actress to play her. Nervous, but confident, slowly learning that she has abilities she never thought she had, and realising that whoever she’s waiting for to come back to her on Jakku, are never coming back. By the end, she’s fought against Kylo Ren, and is force-sensitive, but now wants to find out who her family is, where they are, and see what Luke can teach her.

What I also liked, is that Rey is front and centre, the main protagonist. She will be the one for the next five years at least, that girls can pretend to be in the playground, alongside Kylo, but Rey mainly. Imagining the neice to be doing this in school soon is something i thought of in the first watch, and there was a lump in the throat.


Kylo Ren had to be related to someone we knew, and it also made sense. It gave weight to not only him, but to Han Solo and Leia. An interesting character, a moody teenager almost. He destroys a computer terminal with his damaged saber in a rage once he finds out Rey, BB-8 and Finn have escaped, and then proceeds to choke the messenger. Different from Vader, but why he does it in this way, again, makes sense.
Poe Dameron, even though he wasn’t in the film for as long as the others, he had heart, interesting to watch, and cocky enough to be liked and not annoyed. He may just be alongside Chewbacca while Rey trains with Luke in VIII, or be a sacrifice in IX. He’s one to keep an eye on as well.

Snoke, who is in charge of the First Order, is an enigma, and I have a theory for him.

He is Palpatine.

There’s a few things why I think this.

The following is said in ‘Return of the Jedi’:

Luke: ‘Master you can’t die.’

Yoda: ‘Strong am I in the force, but not that strong.’

Why, after spending so many decades preparing the Empire, seducing Anakin to the dark side, would you go to a half built space station, where you will lose either way. If Luke did turn to the dark side, he would have killed Vader, then Palpatine. The other way, was what we saw, Anakin killing Palpatine.

So I think he was a clone, possessed by the real Palpatine somewhere on a distant planet.

Or he’s just Darth Plagueis, Palpatine’s master.

I usually don’t think too much into it, but, I did love this film. It’s as good as ‘Hope’ and ‘Empire’ in my opinion. I do wish they could reboot the prequels and give a great story to them as the focus as much as ‘Force Awakens’.

We will probably find out the majority of these answers in VIII, as I imagine IX to be the the ultimate end of the Skywalker story.

It’s great that the series is good again and most of all, fun to watch.
People say it’s a retread of A New Hope, but I disagree. It’s a theme based off a line when Vader says ‘The circle is complete.’ from ‘A New Hope’. History will repeat itself, and because Luke left, he, like Jack did in LOST, has to go back and fix it. It introduces new characters and new avenues in the story, while bringing back the incredible music. Rey’s Theme, ‘The Falcon’, and the music played at the end are favourites for me.

Rogue One launches at the end of the year, and VIII is a year in May, less than eighteen months.

It’s finally a good time once again to be a fan of Star Wars.