Tito’s Restaurant.

This is the second restaurant to open since Ole Ole’s in 2013. I’ve been there many times since it opened, and always been satisfied.

So when it was announced late last year that another was opening, I had to go. And finally last week, I did.
The owner of the two, Amador Abruneiras, nails it again.


I could stop there, but I’ve decided to treat you to know about the evening itself and the food that entailed.

Me and a few booked a table for the Saturday, and even being called to make sure that we were still going, made me think we were going to be taken care of.

We came in at 8, and taken straight to our table. I was surprised with how contained the area was, but cosy. We were greeted by a gentleman of a waiter, who was always keeping an eye on us if we needed a refill of drinks and if we were ready to order, and we all decided on some bread to start.
I will refrain from going ‘Masterchef’ and ‘Food Monster’ on descriptions, but simply, it was great bread. Soft, which is a nice change to other places that require a saw to open one, and some really nice garlic butter.
10 minutes, they were gone, but the butter was kept.


Plates were cleared soon after, and we had a clean table again.
It’s not just what I eat somewhere, it’s also about how fast the service is. So many times in other places, you can be finished with a plate or a glass of gin+mixer, and it will be on that table for so long that you start to notice it.
But not here. Checked, cleared, ready for the main course.

The mains came in about 5 minutes. I had a plate of tempura prawns and cod, massive portions with a great side of potatoes cut, even neatly, with a salad on a separate bowl.
I’m not one to talk when I have a good meal, and its the same with the friends. It applied here. It was a silent table, only when we were asked by the waiter if we were enjoying it.


Yes. Yes we were.

The pictures give you an idea of how it looks at least. But do go when you can.

Once we finished, we submitted defeat for a dessert.
We were handed the bill, and then offered by Amador’s daughter, a caramel shot each. Really great to wrap off the meal.


Overall, with my Peroni, my side of the bill came to £21.50, which is to me, great value compared to the others offered around the area.
We all said we’d be back, most probably for a birthday gathering.

As good as the restaurant and the service was, the website and social networks should match it.
There’s nothing more annoying to me than a pixelated picture on a website in 2015, and with food enthusiasts posting their meals on Instagram and Twitter, I feel that Tito’s (and Ole Ole) are missing a trick.
But it’s easily fixable.

The closest one out of all of us was me, so in February, I will be be back, and in greater numbers.
MainsCod & Tempura Prawns.



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