iPad Pro Impressions.

It’s true. All of it.’

I’ve always had a bit of a dilemma with the iPad.
When the iPad was first announced in 2010, I wasn’t convinced. It was just a bigger iPod Touch, but eventually, I came round, and bought it three times over, which ended in the beginning of 2012. I realised that the size was the same as my Macbook Pro, and it didn’t pass the ‘justification’ test, as everything that I’m about to buy goes to.

In 2012, I was 100% sure that a ‘mini’ iPad wouldn’t be announced, even admist the rumours of one coming. I didn’t believe it because, I thought it would be a size too close to the iPhones, and there was no standout features in iOS to set it apart.
But, it did get announced, and in March this year I bought a Mini 2, for the reason that it’s a great tool to write notes on, and consume information.
Plus, it fits in my coat pocket with ease.

So when the iPad Pro rumours started around October of last year, I had my doubts. Not only a size that would rival the MacBooks, but the software just wasn’t there again.
Then, iOS 9 was announced. As I said before, a release that I believed, and still do, that it was an iPad-focused release, and an iPhone second.
Split-View, Picture-in-Picture, improved gestures for a trackpad to appear, and so much more.
Then I started to believe one was probably coming.
Then in September, it did.
Then this week, I spent some time with it.

It’s a 12.9 inch display, with a resolution of 2,732 by 2,048, higher than the Macbook series entirely, and only second to the iMac Retina models.

Did I mention, it’s huge.


Scrolling on the site and BBC News was great, albeit ridiculous. Using the split-view feature made me think that this was primarily designed for the iPad Pro. It makes two apps run concurrently with one another in an iPad Air Size for each app simutaneously.
Very useful, and using picture-in-picture mode at its biggest size with iPlayer is great to use.

It’s also got speakers on each of its four corners, which is a great improvement for me, as I’ve always noticed the sound only coming from one side of my Mini while I’m on YouTube. Not only was it great to hear it at each angle, but it’s loud. Very much so. The quality is high-end, and having a track play at maximum volume is so good, you could probably just let it play in a corner of a living room if you were entertaining friends.


This is the tablet for illustrators, no question. Secondly, a photographer to edit their shots, especially with Adobe fully getting behind this. Using the Apple Pencil for both these use cases would be a great combination. Without it though, I don’t see it as being useful for someone who, for example, writes. I’m perfectly happy typing onto my iPad Mini for notes, and then finalise the drafts on my Macbook.
The Magic Keyboard i’ve only seen on sites, and first impressions, the uneven look it gives when its closed bothers me. Once i get to try this and the Apple Pencil, I’ll write up further impressions.

But so far, so good.