I started this site back in April of 2012, mainly to keep myself more busy while I was working towards transferring universities, but since the opportunity at Platform arrived in second year of university, I discovered that I rather enjoyed writing.

The site has been through three big designs ever since, and now it’s on the fourth. The ‘Tom Baker’ regeneration I like to see it as.

As far as I’m concerned, this is when I want it to be ‘out there’. The time where I want it to branch out. But not a blog. Ever. It’s a word I hate. This will be a website that is a collection of thoughts, reviews, and the best of Lincoln.

I’ve spent a fair while working out what can stay and what can go. I did move the site to a dedicated hosting service in June, but I left the design as it was.

But the more I visited, the more certain ‘features’ began to irritate me, and I wanted to start afresh.

Every post is front and centre. Cleaner, and no images at the top anymore. Looked cluttered. There’ll be images once you touch ‘Continue’, but not intrusive.

The main links will be at the top, while a search bar at the bottom will be there in time.

What I’ve written since 2012 is staying, but there’s going to be much more, varied content from now on.

Three main categories will be holding the site up from now on.

Games‘. I say ‘games’ as it won’t be strictly about games. We’re in an age where it can mean ‘streaming’, ‘lets plays’, ‘online’, and so much more. It’s going to branch out, and show you a few avenues that you didn’t know much about before.

I also launched ‘Final Bosses’ last week as I wanted to write about retro games again, but in a way I haven’t seen it done anywhere.
There’s also going to be reviews. I’ve got an Xbox One, there’s soon to be a PS4, I’ve figured it’ll be best to see what I can complete, what holds my attention the longest, and what the opinion is on the games of 2015. There

Lincoln. Since i came back from university last year, I realised the more I walked, and ate, and drank the places of Lincoln, that there’s huge potential wherever you go. Not just for students, but anyone. The ‘job’ has also opened my eyes to this, with AgeUK and U3A especially. I look in the local paper, and not only are the independents not deservedly mentioned, I’m still in shock there’s people out there who still use the word ‘gizmos’.

The section will be about places that catch my eye. In the food sense, the coffee sense, and the drink sense. All in one easy to find place at the top. There’s also something being planned which is an extension of this section, hopefully that will be starting by the end of the month.

Tech. Of course. There’s an article appearing in a couple of hours that will show the latest and greatest being used. Opinions, comparisons, or any news i’ve discovered that I think is worth discussing that’s longer than 140 characters on Twitter.

I’ve set myself a goal to do at least three articles a month.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything about the site in particular. I get 100 spam comments a week, so to have that as genuine people instead would be really nice to see.

I can be reached by e-mail, or my favourite social media, Twitter.