Emulation on a Macbook Air.

Nothing is more prominent then discovering something you haven’t seen in years, and as soon as you see it, memories long forgotten come back.

Games have the same effect, and with emulation, it only makes it easier.

Its been two years since I’ve owned my MacBook Air, and I’ve still been using an emulator called ‘Dolphin‘ throughout this time.

A very short article I did of how well it ran back in July 2013 is one of my most viewed pages, and without fail  there’s always a visit to the page each day.

Since the start of the year, it ascended to another level when the Rogue Squadron games became playable after forever being unable to, due to some unique graphics that the developer, Factor 5 created for the series.

IMG_2713Both games work very well on the Macbook, and only due to the ageing performance of its processor does it stop the game from running perfectly. They are required to run full speed in order for the iconic music to play without fault. Unfortunately, I only hear static, so I have to have the music switched off, otherwise everything runs fine.

I thought I’d post more screenshots of what I’ve been playing, and how they run on an Air 2013 model.

There’ll mainly be screenshots of the two Rogue Squadron games here, but there’s also a few more games to give an idea of how well the Mac still runs the emulator at full speed with no issues.

I’m also using a Dual Shock 3. I only had to turn the Bluetooth on the Mac, plug the controller in, and the Mac recognised it with no issues.

To note, I’m sure they’ll run even better on the latest Air models, but when it comes to the new MacBook, I think you’ll be seeing performances similar to the 2011 MacBook models. As it doesn’t have a fan, I wouldn’t recommend running it unless you have money to burn.

I’m still holding out for a native Playstation 2 emulator for the Mac, but I imagine that still won’t be for a number of years.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III



Enter the Matrix


F-Zero GX





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