To my ‘IceBucket challenge nomination’. I decline. This is why.

Trends and peer pressure have been around ever since Primary School. They have for me.

People gang together, and others go with someone else purely because of an agreed opinion.

But what grinds my gears, is how it seems to have gotten worse with the advent of social media.

2014 has been known for the trends.

  • Neck Nomination.
  • No Make Up Selfies
  • Movember
  • Sober October.

The causes and the amount have been good, no problem there, but for me, the methods have not.

What irritates me is this:

Is it really that difficult to simply donate £1 that you’ll probably be spending in town on a Friday night for a shot of your favourite drink?

Instead of dodging someone in town to sign a form for Red Cross, they only need to fill up a bucket and post it on their profile.

But it’s incredible to see so many people do it for the simple reason that their friend did it.

Gallons of water wasted, splashed onto concrete and grass, and thats all for the bucket for this latest trend for now folks.

What is going to happen in 24 hours?

What happened on December 21st 2012 after centuries of theories and fear?

Simple answer: Nothing.

Not even a meteor shower to take a picture of to post to a social network.

Whereas we’re treating companies such as Anglian Water and many bucket-stocking shops to a great bonus while we all fill up buckets for our 10 second videos and the likes we are in desperate need of.

Meanwhile a lady, totally unaware of what a ‘laptop’ and ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’ is, she is currently in the middle of the African desert, partaking her daily trek to a well that is roughly 40 miles away from her village. Her family are dependant on her to bring this water back, however small the amount may be while she waits for others to wait their turn.

Whereas in the more developed countries, someone with an iPhone 5S and a Retina Macbook Pro as last year’s Christmas present has given in to a request, because they’re under pressure to pour a bucket over their head within 24 hours. So they go to their nearest source; a hosepipe. Only took a minute to fill up.

Small speech, pour, upload, ‘like’.

Now the nominations for someone else.

And it builds, and it builds. You’re socially accepted in your group of friends, and we all move onto the next trend, whenever that may be.

How long it takes to chew a Fruit Pastille when in ones mouth? Squatember? Send your ideas in for the next peer pressured trend.

By all means, I accept ALS and the work they’re doing, Lou Gehrig’s disease is something that should definitely have more awareness. I’m simply talking about the peer pressure aspect of these trends over the past year.

Think about that, then look at the picture below when you’re looking at a bucket at the near end of Summer weather.

Donate here to WaterAid as well as ALS. Set up a direct debit for them even. I have.


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