iPad Air Impressions.

Today marked the launch of the fifth-generation iPad Air.

I was able to have a look and see what I thought.

Since it being announced last Tuesday at Apple’s Fall Event, it’s made out to have the look of the iPad Mini, with the power of the iPhone 5S.

In a nutshell, that’s exactly what it is.

The weight of it was the first impression. Holding the iPad 4 alongside the Air, it was incredible how light this is, and definitely justifies itself in being called the iPad ‘Air’.

I could easily hold it with one hand as shown, with no issue of having to hold it different to give my hand a rest. It was light to hold, loaded applications in an instant, and I could easily swipe through with no issue of my thumb confusing the iPad for input as I held it.

With it having nearly the same processor as the 5S, with the M7 also being included, the speed of it completely ascended the 4th generation’s performance. The fact that battery life remains the same even with the reduced weight is mainly down to the A7, and with the advances in only a year, who knows what will come next October.

The camera is the same, so no slo-mo modes to be found, which would have been welcome, but perhaps next year.

Simply put, it’s a great upgrade to an already best-of-tablet, and the one pound weight only gives credence to it being the only tablet you should buy if you were shopping around.

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