iPhone 5S, 5C Announced.

After months of leaks, the event today confirmed what everyone was speculating:

iPhone 5S ( Or Goldfinger )

iPhone 5C.

With iOS 7 given a date of 18th September , the iPhone 5C was finally confirmed, spouting 5 different colours:

White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green.

It has the same specs as the iPhone 5, except with a Facetime HD Camera.

As I stated in a post a couple of weeks ago, this phone seems more suited for China, and with its release date the same as the USA, UK and etc for the first time ever, this only confirmed the suspicion.

With the iPhone 5S, I did think it was just going to have a fingerprint sensor, slight speed bump, and a gold colour.

It was much more.

With Infinity Blade III being announced and demonstrated, it was as if a Playstation 3 game was being played on the projector, with a Dual Shock 3 almost as if it’s being hidden in sight.

With the A7 chip and the 64 bit performance, it’s completely blown my iPhone 5 out. The performance is staggering, and it’s only a matter of time before we’re seeing console quality graphics on the 5S, and the future iPad 5 in due course. When I say console-quality, I’m talking of Playstation 4 and Xbox One. I do believe that we could be seeing a a game worthy of ‘GTA V’, or ‘Watchdogs’ standards soon.

The camera achieved new heights, with burst modes, 120FPS video, and an added flash for better lighting, it seems that this could be the camera that would cause you to leave your compact camera at home.

The home button also found a new use, with a fingerprint sensor being added, called ‘Touch ID’.

Instead of using a passcode to access the phone, one touch to the home button, and once your fingerprint is recognised, it unlocks your phone.

Completely secure as iCloud and no backups store the information, and no apps are unable to access it. It can also be used for your iTunes purchases when asking for your password. Smart.

Both phones are being released next Friday (20th), and I never wanted to jump to an ‘S’ upgrade, but this time, especially with the improved camera and fingerprint sensor, this could be a first.

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