Return to Ribs N’ Bibs: Part II

Here it is, the final part of when I went to Ribs N’ Bibs, but this time I was lucky enough and wide awake enough to have it at breakfast.

Previous part is here

While my first visit can be found here .

Since they opened, they’ve been offering their hospitality to breakfast at the weekend, and hopefully soon it will be a 7 day occurrence.

Finally after so many cancelled times, I had a weekend where I could visit, so I said yes with no hesitation and at 10:00am , ‘Nadia’ picked me up, and we met ‘The Doctor’ at a table right next to the bar.

We were offered drinks straight away, with orange juice and coffee ordered, and a swift minute later, they arrived.

Straight away the atmosphere was more sombre, more casual and relaxed than how Ribs N’ Bibs is in the evening. For breakfast, this was ideal, and you could almost talk and sit back as if you were at home. As we were talking, I noticed people were coming in to book, while others were walking past, and suddenly slow their pace to look at diners having their breakfast ribs. As always, everything in the eyes gives it away. They wished they’d held their appetite for here.

The menu’s were placed for each of us as always, with 6 choices, simple and each one equally tempting at a fair price, but while the others chose the bacon ribs, I had to go for the burrito. All those fillings, with salsa, & sour cream? I was sold.

So without further adieu:

The ‘R n’ B Breakfast Burrito’ in all its glory, stuffed with chroizo, scrambled egg, roasted peppers, and cheddar. Then at the top, dollops of sour cream, guacamole and salsa covering the top of this feast.

Cutting into it and having the cheese, egg and chorizo come out at the same time was appetising in itself, and for the record, once again the image makes it to be smaller than what it looks, but it took me a good 10, 15 minutes to finish it all, and I couldn’t eat anything until the evening. Always the sign of a good breakfast.

What a treat.

Then besides this, the two 1/2 Back Smoked Bacon Rib, Scrambled Egg and Hash Brown:

So first of all, the hash browns. Slightly soft and fell apart, not like the kind of hash browns you have to bash with a hammer to take it apart.

The scrambled egg, was easily cooked well, soft and smooth, equally well as what was in the burrito.

The Ribs, they speak for themselves. Plentiful and a great portion to have for breakfast. You don’t want too much of ribs with sauce for breakfast, it’s not the right time. Maybe for a few, but not for us.

Succulent, filling, and a treat for breakfast. When I do come back, it’s what I’m having next.

We finished them all and paid in a half hour, so by the time they were closing at half 11 we were paid and out of there.

Overall, service was quick, you felt relaxed, and you weren’t pushed to order, eat and leave. We were in our own time, and because of that we enjoyed it just that bit more.

If they manage to keep this standard up, and hopefully open breakfast for 7 days sooner than later, then Lincoln’s got a whole new reason to visit for.

Now that I’ve tried the evening and breakfast, I’ll probably return to write of it in a year’s time roughly to see how it’s going, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be a good few visits and a wing challenge between now and then.

Total Bill: £25.50

Orange Juice x 2

Coffee x 2

The R n’ B Breakfast Burrito

1/2 Rack Smoked Bacon Rib  x 2



TEL: 01522 775577


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