Return to Ribs N’ Bibs: Part I.

Ever since I went to Ribs N Bibs and posted the review, comments about the article had been really kind to see, and since I wanted to try the new breakfast menu and the changes to the evening menu, I decided it was time for a return.

This will be in two parts, so it saves you having to read one long novel about my two visits.

So for now, Part 1 will be the time I went for the evening menu.

As usual I booked a week before, bringing a companion, who I’ll call ‘Mr S’,  who had also heard of it, but never had the chance to go, so it was definitely time to try for him.

We arrived with the front of the place having the now signature bibs and t-shirts on the windows, and some enticing pictures of the food on offer.

Once we sat, which was only slightly near to where I was previous, nothing had changed, with the Michael Jackson and Marvel cavases  encompassing the wall space, and even some 90’s music, which was always welcomed.

Besides us was the new ‘Specials Board’, a new and daily-changing display showing the latest and greatest surprises that we could choose for that day. They also mention it on their twitter/facebook pages, or updated on a section of their site here.

Looking at the menu and the board, 4 months on, the Vitamin P had been moved to the specials board, along with a ‘Steak and Wings’ and the ‘Louis BBQ Ribs’. With the menu housing a selection of pulled pork goodness in a bun, along with chilli dogs, and beef patties covered in more pulled pork or blue cheese, it was an ideal selection for the summer-time, and a nice treat of what can be on the specials board at any given time.

We were greeted by one of the waitresses and I thought I’d give one of the beers a try.

There was a ‘Boston Lager’ which to me, didn’t really taste of lager, but more sweet and the only kind of lager that I could have with food, as usually any other beer with food ruins it for me. Really nice, smoothly went down a treat during the starters.

Mr S meanwhile, didn’t think the same as me on this, so he opted for a Budweiser ’66 as fast as he could.

We wanted to do a Starter and a Main show, so I wanted to go for the Nachos, while Mr S went for the 12 BBQ Wings.

They generously upped mine to the sharer portion, which I had no problem with. The pulled pork was a great recommendation from Chloe (and when isn’t it?) who was always on hand to help us if we looked like we were struggling. So when they arrived, the pork came in droves, covered across all the chips, and when you pulled it away with a fork, it was like pulling soft cotton wool apart, but more tender, and more tasty food wise. The guacamole, sour cream and salsa was a great dollop each too, and the cheese stuck it all together to make the main course a challenge in itself.

Mr S’ wings were a lot bigger than what the picture makes out, with the rest submerged in the BBQ sauce. The smokiness of the sauce was apparent as soon as you took a bite, and covered every area of every wing.

I also recommend dipping the chips in this sauce as well if the dips and pulled pork wasn’t plentiful for you. Somehow.

After a good 15 mins of having these all, it was time for the main course.

Mr S could only want the Vitamin P, a way of showing him just how it’s all done on one plate, and it looked as good as it did 4 months before.

The flash had been playing up, but you can at least see the huge sausage, coleslaw, and pulled pork taking up deserved plate space, with the chips only just in view saying hi.

Mr S was already blown away by the pulled pork, and as a lad with a large appetite, even the Vitamin P was a David and Goliath challenge, and with my Ribs, it was only fitting that it was time for the Bibs to come out.

All of what could be said with the Vitamin P was said last time I was here, with the offerings in large supply and well worth its £22.95 asking price.

The St. Louis Ribs meanwhile, was doused in a Cherry BBQ sauce, which gave this smoked but sweet taste, which I never had before, and was really nice from the BBQ sauce on the wings previous. The chips were crunchy and not burnt to a crisp, and while the salad was nice, it was nothing special. If the coleslaw came with the ribs too then I’d have rated it as high as the Vitamin P.

It was a struggle for both of us, especially for Mr S having his 12 Wings, which even now, both of us don’t know why he ordered that much. But temptation is a powerful thing.

I finished my plate with the bone and cherries to spare, with only a few chips had, while Mr S had only gone halfway through his plate, looking like a defeated Clubber Lang at the end of Rocky III.

We debated the desserts for a good amount of the one second we gave to that, and decided we’d just finish on the high note and attempt a good lap around Lincoln to burn it off.

Overall for the evening, everything was on top form after now finding their feet after only a few months, with great service, great food, and the service checking up on us with their kind generosity and at no intrusion.

All I’d recommend is to do without the salad on the Ribs. For me, it doesn’t look right for a massive portion of salad and chopped peppers next to hand-cut fries and amazing smoked cherry Ribs.

The coleslaw is a great touch, have it on the Ribs as standard!

But that’s just a personal preference for me, I may be in the minority here.

I’m looking forward to what treats they’ll have at Christmas time, but for now, get there when you can, and enjoy what they offer.

Fresh food, great service, and great ambience.

Total Bill: £64.00

Brooklyn Lager x 2

Budweiser 66


12 BBQ Wings


Babyback Louis Ribs

Vitamin P

TEL: 01522 775577


Main Site Click Here.

Ribs N Bibs Facebook

Ribs N Bibs Twitter

If Part 1 made you in the mood for some Ribs, then check back soon, for Part II, for a breakfast feast, starring a ‘Nadia’ and a ‘Doctor’ once again..

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