Curry Lounge.

I’d heard of this place years ago when it was visited by a Chef Ramsay in need of help. Surely after 6 years the massive naan bread’s on a hat stand would have gone and great food would have taken it’s place?

As exams for Uni were finally over and I had time to spare once again, me and a ‘Doctor’ thought we’d give the Curry Lounge a try.

In previous times I’d book by e-mail, phone up or just simply walk in, but as Curry Lounge had a booking system on their website, I thought I’d give it a try.

The site was easy to read and the design was great with the interior being front and centre throughout.

When I’d click onto ‘Our Menu’s’, there would be a confusing choice at the top of the kind of starters, mains and extras they had. Fortunately they had a .PDF of the menu that was found at the bottom. If they got rid of the confusing links at the top and just a short description and the link to the .PDF, it would be much easier for people to find out what they’d like to try.

Booking it was easy enough with entering my details and selecting the date I’d like, and only a few hours later I get an e-mail with the booking confirmation. Fast, simple.

On a Friday night we walk in, with the familiar waterfall to the left, and after a few minutes in the waiting area, we’re shown to a table that gives us a view of the overall place.

We’re given menus and we order two Cobra’s, which is the only way when you’re having a curry, and we try and flick through what we want.

It’s exactly the same .PDF as the one on the website, nice description of each dish, and some that are new for 2013.

We decide to go for a starter and main.

I went for the Rajastani Chicken, while the Doctor went for the Tampura Prawns. We also had some poppadoms which came with 4 great chutneys; Mango, Mint, Yoghurt and Onion.

It was making us realise that we might be defeated before the starter may even be on the table, as we were having everything on these poppadoms.

After only a few mins, starters arrive.

I’m one for spicy foods. Whether it be eating Jalapenos in the same way someone grabs an Apple for a snack, or spreading habanero sauce on my dinner like ketchup, I love the kick it gives.

This, was not something you could casually eat. Even for me, I had to take a fair amount of Cobra to keep on going, and while the mango chutney helped, it was incredibly hot. But a great starter, not too much and just enough for the main.

The Doctor meanwhile, loved the tang of the lime with the prawns. They were plentiful and king sized, well worth the price.

Also another great reason for using the four chutneys.

Soon after they were taken, the mains were next.

I decided to go for something sweet but still mildly hot, which was the ‘Chicken Murgh Chettinand’, while The Doctor went for the ‘Butter Chicken’.

Compared to a few I’ve tried back in Lincoln, it was piping hot, with a lot of great flavours coming through. I won’t get too in detail otherwise I may sound like someone ridiculous off Masterchef, but it really was a great meal!

The Doctor had the ‘Butter Chicken’, which is simmered in a tangy tomato sauce with cream flavoured gravy, with garlic, ginger, butter and a tad of fenugreek and butter. This was mild as well, and he isn’t keen on anything remotely hot, so when he gave me the look of, ‘This is something I want to try again’, it was a sight!

A couple of nice touches we noticed:

1. Hot plates, so whatever you pile on to the main plate, it’s piping hot and isn’t in danger of going stone cold.

2. We were only on a small table, and no one was sitting next to us, so when one waiter saw we were trying to fit all the plates onto this small table like kerplunk, him and another waiter joined a table with ours and made it a hell of a lot easier for us, so it was good to see someone on the lookout if someone needed help.

We decided to get a plate of naan bread too, but instead of the standard plan bread, we went for a ‘Keema’ Naan, which was stuffed with ground lamb and herbs. Also hot and falling apart, but this mixed with the chutney and the curries, it was a great combination, and all of a sudden it seemed like we had hit a brick wall trying to finish it.

We struggled, but it all tasted so good, we just didn’t want to insult the food, so we carried on for a good half hour, and we were, triumphant!

We were sitting there, on our own pace, and just looking round while having the Cobra, which, if you were going, is recommended.

We left satisfied, bursting at the seams, and we slowly walked back home, only just making it.

So overall, with around 5 years since it aired on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Curry Lounge is still open and ready to server great fresh food from Indian cuisine, and it’s an achievement that a lot of other restaurants he tried to save had failed to do to stay open.

Curry Lounge shows that with great food, people from anywhere will make the effort to come try someone’s food, and they’ll be enlightened and satisfied with what they order.

Perhaps when I get my Uni results, a return is due.

Total Bill: £41.25

2 x Cobra

Rajastani Chicken

King Prawn Tampura

Murgh Chettinand

Butter Chicken

2 x Pilau Rice

Keema Naan

Contact Details:

The Curry Lounge
110 Parliament Street,

TEL: 0115 941 8844

Facebook: The Curry Lounge

Main Site Click Here.

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