Predictions for WWDC. And Thoughts of Impatience.

About 5 hours until the keynote begins (click the picture to be taken to the livestream at 6PM GMT), and as always on the day, the flurry of rumors has been flying around all the sites, but it’s not as obvious or leaked as before, especially like last year’s WWDC.

So far, the obvious is, that Intel’s Haswell are coming to the Macs, the Macbook Air’s and possibly a new Mac Pro.

There’s going to be the unveiling of IOS 7 and Mac OS X 10.9, which is front and centre of the event.

But as iOS 6’s Maps was leaked with a few internal screenshots last year around April, there’s been nothing concrete shown about iOS 7, at all.

Could this be due to the ‘doubling down’ Tim Cook said at D10 last year?

Quite possibly.

But as there’s been no events since last October’s unveiling of the iPad Mini, this seems to be the event that everyone is looking forward to, more so than any other year.

Going off topic for a few minutes..

I watched Tim Cook’s second appearance at D11 last month, and as unfortunate as it was to hear the same questions from Mossberg and Swisher about upcoming products that would have no chance of a direct answer from Tim, and no insightful questions as there was when Tim was at a university in March, there seems to be an air of, impatience with Apple as a whole.

Everyone wants to see the next big thing, be it the television, or the watch.

But as technology is moving at a much faster rate than what it was 5 years ago, everyone wants the next big thing, and they want it yesterday.

Great things take time, and terrible ideas can be made in an instant.

I’m happy with my iPhone 5. I’d like the OS to see a new lick of paint, but I’d also like to see a better Siri, shortcuts to Wi-Fi and etc in the notification centre, and the weather icon dynamically changing to how it is outside.

But at the end of the day, I’m just glad that everyone has a choice with their phone or tablet, and not the incredible pieces of garbage we had to put up with circa-2005.

Enjoy what you have, and take it as it goes.

So, as I did last year, I’m going to write up what I think will be shown:

iOS 7 with a total UI redesign and a lot of curveball surprises.

Mac OS X 10.9, I’m only hoping the name is ‘Ocelot’ but other than that, if there’s a tabbed Finder then anything else is a bonus.

Macbook Air and Mac Pro’s will be given Haswell with some better internal improvements, better FaceTime camera perhaps, dual-mic microphones.

It’s a bit unusual that there is next to nothing on Mac OS X either.

Then again, there wasn’t with Mountain Lion, as it made a surprise appearance last January.

So is there a doubling down?

With 4 hours to go, how can there not be with what little we know?

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