‘Can’t innovate anymore my ass’

And with that, a lot was shown.


Macbook Airs that have the new Intel Haswell, 802.11 AC Wi-Fi spec, and at a cheaper price.

I’ve been holding off on getting a Macbook to see when they’ll use Haswell, and this is the one for me.

The Mac Pro looks incredible. 1/8th of the previous generation, and a guaranteed sell out when it’s released in the fall.

OS X Mavericks, it’s not Ocelot, but it’s still a great name.

Features such as Maps, iBooks, and quick reply in Notification Centre, and supercharged support for external displays made it a worthy upgrade, and surely more features to come.

But the main focus, iOS 7.

Incredible. Everything is a total redesign, with simplicity and elegance taking an even more centre stage than how iOS was before.

A long wish of mine, Control Center, which has shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, and even a flashlight as well.

The death knell of flashlight apps is here.

The simple colour schemes for each app was great, with green for Messages, red for Calender and so on.

It was nice to see Siri get it’s improvements, but I’m still on the fence, especially if it’s still as slow as it is today, but the different UI was welcome.

The weather app especially, with the thunder and a lot more different animations for each condition, was edge to edge and not in a small box as it is previous.

Full on notifications so all apps are completely independent now, and the management of apps were a nice callback to webOS I noticed.

I was half expecting Ive to appear to talk about iOS 7, but I wasn’t surprised to see Craig Federighi talk about it, and the way he was across the event was great to watch.

Overall, it’s hard to see how the junk tech press and analysts can have the tenacity to be negative over the last two and a half hours, with improvements and incredible innovation all around, and brings iOS to the forefront in design at last.

I’m looking forward to the fall’s releases of Mavericks and iOS 7 especially.

The Verge have put up a gallery of iOS 7 from the keynote, you can find it all here.

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