Xbox One Announced.


After months of rumours, it’s finally here.

When the name appeared, I was expecting another console that solely focused on games, with a smaller design to match.

Alas, this was the only console that would bear the name of ‘Xbox’.

The familiar announcements of specs and partners was rolled out like a conveyor belt, and games were shown, but only cut scenes, no in-game footage. Hopefully at E3 they’ll be actual game play in 3 weeks.

So far, the box itself looks huge, a cross between a Sega Saturn and a Phillips CDI, I can’t see that even fitting on the shelf below my Television. The vents all over the machine gives me the impression it’s going to be even louder than how the first generation Xbox 360 was.

I’ll wait until I see it with my own eyes if it’s really as big as it looks.

So far, I’m not impressed with it. It just seems like a rehash of the 360, but with an emphasis of focusing on taking over the living room. Microsoft could have done an announcement with a bang, but, once again, they disappointed.

The Verge has another good article on One’s specs here, while their hands on, with the incredible amount of ports at the back, is here.

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