Sonic 1 Remastered out for iOS + Android – First Impressions.

Sonic 1 Remastered was released to the App Store an hour ago, which was a nice surprise to me as I was looking on the App Store and this update appeared.

I couldn’t help playing a bit through it and showing my impressions on here.

So as soon as the App was opened, the box art for Sonic 1 appeared, and I was brought into the main menu.

Straight away, these little touches are great. I can choose the box art for Japan, USA, or Europe, and choose to start the game, do a time attack mode, or view my achievements and leaderboard.

There’s two options once you press ‘Start Game’, you can start a save file, or go down the original route and do it with no saves:

The whole design of this feels like an extension of the japanese box art, and the music even sounds like it would have fitted great in the original Sonic 1 if it had a menu screen like this.

But the next screen, intrigued me:

You can play as Tails, or Knuckles. How though?

I’ve no idea, I’m only through Marble Zone so far, and it was a struggle then to put it down so I could write this, but I guess one way is to complete the game much like how Sonic CD worked with Tails.

Perhaps Time Attack has to be completed to unlock Knuckles?

Give me a week and we will see.

Also to note, I’m wondering if we will get Super Sonic unlocked in this remastered version. Except well made hacks, you could only control him in the subsequent sequels, so that should be a great surprise if it’s been achieved here.

But anyway, on with the game!

Straight away you can notice, Green Hill Zone, in widescreen.

At first it looks surreal, as after a good 18 years of playing Sonic, it looks incredible in this way now. This is what the iPhone 5’s screen size was made for.

Again, the virtual controls are there, but compared to the poor port of before, these work great, just as well as the Sonic CD port, which is of no surprise thanks to Christian ‘Taxman’ Whitehead’s Retro Engine powering this Remastered version.

Another ability I’ve found, which was only available in Sonic Jam of Sonic 1, the spindash.

Works as expected, hold ‘down’ and ‘jump’ and away you go. Works great against the breakable walls in Green Hill, is gladly welcomed.

As I got to the boss, I could easily beat Robotnik without getting hit, but in this widescreen edition, it actually seems harder, and that surprised me.

From 48 as seen above, to just 1 by the time I finally beat him.

Practice needs to be made, so I wonder how the next bosses will fare, especially Star Light Zone.

I also managed to reach the special zone. Fortunately, the mess of the special stage controls of Sonic ‘4’ are not present here, so you don’t have to keep turning your phone like a madman.

So far, it’s a fantastic port. Everything works as it should, the widescreen gives it a fresh feel while still keeping it as Sonic 1, and the spindash and other features like save are gladly welcomed.

I might update this or do another post when Knuckles and Tails are unlocked, and to see if Super Sonic will be waiting when I’ve finally got all of the Chaos Emeralds.

So far, so good.

Now if Sonic 2 Remastered was to arrive with 2 player support and Hidden Palace Zone as a hidden extra, that would be appreciated..


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