Annie’s Burger Shack.


I’ve only been in Nottingham for nearly a year, and I was advised by the housemate to visit this hidden gem as soon as I could and taste the best burger he’s ever tried.

And so it began.

‘Annie’s’ Burger Shack is found in ‘The Navigation’ pub in Nottingham, close to the city centre. You can by all means have a drink and a casual chat, but what 95% go in for, are the burgers, so there’s no surprise that you’ll have trouble getting a table.

The inside is just your usual pub, standard look, but for what you’re going for, it’s not a great deal, and to be honest, it never is with me. If the food is good, why should it matter?

Once you finally do get a table, you are greeted by a menu of many burgers. Some you’re familiar with, and some that you think they’re putting it on there for a laugh.


The menu was 3 pages of surprises. You can look at the full selection to save you time when you arrive right here. I saw a leaflet beside them that was offering a competition to who could come up with the best burger in their eyes. The winner would have their burger on the menu permanently. So the fact that the menu wasn’t set in stone was great to see, you could be surprised on your next visit a few months down the line.

When we got the menus, it took us a good half hour to decide which ones to go for, the choice was massive, and all of them sounded tempting.

Three pages worth of burgers to choose from, and finally, we had all made our choices.

The food is ordered at the bar, and once you’ve paid, you’re given a ticket with a number on. The servers bring them out shouting the numbers, and if it matches with yours, you hold your ticket up, easy.

Seeing how busy it was, the wait was understandable at a half hour, listening to the numbers get ever closer to ours. But when they all arrived, it was worth the wait.

The Fajita Burger was on a wooden plate with a bowl of curly fries. The burger was loaded with olives, chopped salsa, onions and a dressing, with the beef burger gleefully hidden in sight with the bun just reassuring me that it’s definitely a burger. It was juicy, full of all the flavours, and was gone in only a couple of minutes.



Next up, the henchmen’s Sunday Dinner Burger was a sight to behold, and if you’re imagining how it might look like, then you’re exactly right.

There is a Yorkshire pudding in this.


Dripping with gravy and packed full of peas, carrots, a breast of roast chicken. The beef burger was right at the bottom with a bed of lettuce and the bun and stick to have it all hold together.

His opinion, was silence, and that was all that was needed. He couldn’t have it all in one go due to the sheer size of the thing, so it could only be taken apart, but every bite he said was a treat.

Finally, the Elvis Burger, based purely on the King’s love of peanut butter and jam, all in a burger.


There wasn’t a picture of the burger in its full form, due to me having the fajita burger in one go. But you can just see the peanut butter at the bottom, and the jam at the top.

The other companion’s opinion of this was that the sweetness and meatiness was a combination he never tried before, but he was glad he did. He had it in a few mouthfuls with no knife and fork required, and was easily gone after a few minutes.

Just to note, the curly fries were had by all of us, and they were a great accompaniment, not burnt, not too soft, just right. They were included with the burgers, which was a nice touch.

Once we were done, we were free to get another drink or attempt to walk off the feast we just had. We chose the latter.

Overall, Annie’s Burger Shack is a hidden gem. The only gripes I had was that there’s simply not enough space. If it was at all possible, see if there’s more room was available for people. I could see at least 5 groups waiting near the entrance, scanning everyone at a table to see if they were about to leave. When we were finishing our drinks after having the burger, we did slightly feel that we should leave right away to let the people waiting have their turn.

But apart from the space issue, the food was something else. All of it is freshly made, and after going there three times so far, the quality matches every time.

I’m looking forward to going back, as I’m sure the menu will have more burger combinations. I’ve already seen on their Facebook page that there’s a ‘Chinese Burger’ in the offering. Already I’m curious.

Annie’s Burger Shack looks to be the perfect reward for me after the exams are over.

Total Bill: £28.80

3 x Lemonade

Fajita Burger

Elvis Burger

Sunday Dinner Burger

Contact Details:

The Navigation
6 Wilford Street

TEL: 07936 851111

Facebook: Annie’s Burger Shack

Main Site Click Here.

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