Ribs n’ Bibs.

I’d heard of it coming.

I’d been following it on Facebook and Twitter, and finally It had opened.

With me coming back to Lincoln for a few days, a booking was made, and what happened next, was incredible.

Me and a friend who both love food, were lead to the upper floor and sat down next to a window overlooking the bottom of steep hill.

The music playing was American soul music, usually heard in Frankie and Benny’s, or if you’re from Lincoln, Damons.

What I didn’t expect was the decor of Michael Jackson canvases and Marvel Frames scattered around the place, which was a great touch.

We were sat next to a frame of ‘The Thing’ from the Fantastic Four, and to the left were three frames of Spiderman, Superman, and Judge Dredd. Obviously not of Marvel but Comic Book Heroes in general.

We ordered drinks of a lemonade and a keraffe of water, and looked at the menu, even if I’d been looking at it with obsession two days before.

What I also liked was the android tablets that were being used to take orders. As I’d worked as a waiter before, scribbling down notes in a hurry, this must be a godsend to the waitresses/waiters, especially when the place would obviously be rammed.

We decided on starters and main, mine would be the buffalo wings to start, while the partner in crime chose the crabshell and popcorn shrimp.

The manager came over and said of small changes to the menu, such as the crabshell for the starter was changed to catfish, and the ribs were changed to babyback as the feedback given was that they were too huge for the common diner! Was great to hear this and why, and that they listen to the customers.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, drinking and talking, the starters arrived.

I thought the buffalo sauce would be spicy as it had been many times before in other establishments, but here it was a soft kick, but really sweet and covered the wings. The blue cheese dip gave it the extra flavour (not that it was lacking) and was a great accompaniment.

The starter that the partner in crime had was also really good. the batter was soft and fell apart, and the flavour from the catfish and prawns was plentiful.

After demolishing them, our two plates of ‘Vitamin P’ arrived, and it was a sight to see.

A rack of barbeque ribs, barbeque pulled pork, a sausage hidden in view that covered the top half of the plate, streaky crispy bacon, homemade coleslaw, then fries.

Basically, it was incredible.

The rib meat fell off the bone, the partner in crime only had to hold up a bone and the meat fell off with ease.

Every bite had the barbeque flavour, then right after the smokey aftertaste kicked right in and it was a pleasure.

I was gutted when i finished the ribs and pulled pork, as i wanted more!

Unfortunately I was defeated with half a sausage and half the fries left, but a good effort for the first attempt.

We thought we’d look at the dessert menu, and straight away, a brownie was there, tempting me.

But I was so full, I decided it’d be the next time I’d have to try the brownie.

Soon we were given the bill and left to talk and leave in our own time, and after an hour and a half we departed.

Overall, it was flawless. Everyone was helpful and not intrusive, the food was so tasty and plentiful that I would have ordered a takeaway if there was one, and for the price we paid, it was well worth it.

Definitely going back, definitely getting the brownie.

Total Bill: £52.80


Buffalo Wings

Catfish and Prawns

2 x Vitamin P

TEL: 01522 775577


Main Site Click Here.

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