Rethinking design for iOS 7.

A really great mockup of how iOS can go beyond it’s current state. 3 Features that could do with these improvements.

The first new feature of the lockscreen is something I call “Lockscreen Cards.” Basically, they’re little informative slates that are connected to an app. You can slide between the cards in the same way that you slide between homescreen pages.

The grabber which was introduced a year ago, with the camera icon appearing next to the ‘slide to unlock’ bar, shows a method of improving this:

Quick access to the camera was a great addition to the lockscreen in mid 2011, but I think that the idea could be taken further. The grabber should be able to open any app action that you want. So, first, what exactly is an “app action?” It’s basically anything that you do with an app. Update your status on Twitter, check-in on Foursquare, take a picture with Instagram, whatever. So you can customize your grabber to be one of those things.

More on below.


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