iPad Mini.

iPad Mini.

So i finally got to try out the iPad Mini, and the first thing that hits me is:

This is a fuzzy screen.

Then you actually try out Safari, and some games such as Crazy Taxi, Jetpack Joyride, and that feeling of disappointment goes away.

Crazy Taxi

When I was controlling the taxi, it was a lot easier than doing it on a 9.7 inch screen, and as this isn’t updated for retina anyway, it looked and played exactly the same as my iPad 3.

I’ve said it before, and this will be ideal for students, especially in Primary schools. Also with photographers so they can modify any photo with iPhoto, or just having an iPad Mini connected to a hospital network and downloading the patient records.

It’s one huge step closer to what we saw in Star Trek.

The design is a bigger iPhone 5, so that smooth back is all here, and the jewelry like edge are all present here.

And of course, it’s light as a feather.

If i wasn’t using my iPad as my primary computer and only using it as a secondary device to my Mac or PC, i’d seriously think about the Mini. Especially if I wanted to give one of these to my son or daughter down the line, the size is ideal for them.

Give it 6 months minimum and i can see a retina iPad Mini, but for now, if you’re looking out for an iPad, this is it.

iPad Mini Home Screen.

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