Steve Jobs.

A year ago when i found out the news, I was in London and went to the Apple Store at Regent Street and Covent Garden, the following is what i wrote in a previous blog of mine. RIP Steve.

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?

-Persuading John Sculley to become Apple’s CEO, “Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple,” 1987

Breaking away from the usual of this blog, the past 24 hours up until now has been, emotional.
I was about to get to sleep last night when I checked twitter and the reports were coming in, and I had seen this before, but was usually disregarded right away.
But i went on the Apple site, and there he was, not among us anymore.

First, a little history:
I had first come across a Mac back in Secondary school. In this computer room, one half was old, Mac OS 9 computers, while the other half had the brand new iMac with Mac OS X on it.
You can probably guess what i tried out first.
I was trying to get used to the OS nearly every lunch break, i’d spend about a half hour on the internet, and i even remember now I couldn’t believe how this blue box was so fast and just worked. I tried to see if i could use this instead of the networked Windows PC’s, but i was told no, gutting.

Around 2003 had this Nomad Jukebox that the Dad gave me, and it was terrible. Looked like a CD player, awful UI, and battery life of 2 hours, and it took ages for it to play once you selected it.
I then bought my first iPod, a 3rd gen, and my memory then of a ‘Nomad’ was erased. I remember thinking how crazy it was that it was the size of a drink carton, yet better in every way.
From then on it went to the iPod Photo, to the 5th Gen iPod, and the subsequent iPhones, iMac, and now it’s a iPhone 4 and Macbook Pro. The elegance and ‘it just works’ mantra couldn’t be more true, they feel like they’ve been thought over and over again. It feels like a first class Concorde ticket every time you switch it on until the moment you switch it off, it’s always there to help you or service you in watching a film, listening to music, or just a simple browse. I couldn’t go back at all when it’s this good.

Since i had gotten my act together about 18 months ago, one of the end goals was to meet Steve Jobs, just to say thanks really, and to say that I actually work for Apple and Steve Jobs essentially, but that chance has been taken away from me, from anyone who knows him and also wanted to meet him, any chance of talking to him again are now no more in this life.

So instead, surprised at how down i was feeling about it this morning, I thought i’d go to an Apple Store. I thought if i’m feeling not 100%, maybe theres a few outside the store who feels the same.

I arrived to see this:

I thought i’d take a few on my iPhone, and there were some photographers, and they then all of a sudden asked me to go right up, kneel down a bit, and they kept taking photos of me for which felt like a minute. I haven’t seen any of them anywhere yet, they said they worked for a London paper, so maybe tomorrow? there’s nothing on the web yet.

It just felt really moving, then when I walked into the Store, there was this sense that hadn’t been there before. The staff weren’t the same, not the public looking at the Macs or iPads etc, just something that wasn’t there before, a sense of loss.
 His DNA is and always will be a part of Apple, from the products you buy, to the shops and online store you’ll visit for years to come.

I thought i’d get some flowers to put down to show my respects, so I got some orange lilies to the left:

I thought i’d then go to Regent Street. I hadn’t been before, and wanted to see what kind of tributes were there, and it was only about half 1, so after about half hour, i arrived.
By which time i wish i had a jacket, crazy blasts of cold wind, then I came across this:

And still there were people putting more post it notes, flowers, cards, just essentially saying
‘Thank You, you changed the world for the better, for all of us.’

I was nice to see everyone round, just looking and taking pictures. No one spoke at all, just stared at the tributes.

Cameras started to appear, and a Chinese and Australian news crew appeared to do their report on this. The australians interviewed the guy above, and then, me!
I was just staring at the flowers and they wanted me to be interviewed.
They asked me questions about what i thought of his impact he had on the world, how he made ‘geek’ sound cool, and how Apple will be now.. So i replied with the below from what i can remember:

I had said that he taught us to ‘Think Different’, and in these times, we all have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and even though he’s gone, there will still always be a part of him in Apple, always, and i’m sure for whatever products are coming out , be it an iPad 3, iPhone 6, he would have been heavily involved still.
Everyone will want to make him proud, and i’m sure that everyone will, they will change the world just as he did.
I haven’t seen the report yet, but i’m sure because of the impact of this, i’ll be seeing it soon.

Not the best of photos, but thats the Aussie crew, they’re interviewing a guy who was after me, was taking a photo of the flowers with his iPad.

I thought after being in the store, i’d just walk back to Covent Garden. Took about a half hour, but i was feeling better. I thought, anyone who has seen this today, heard Steve Jobs, or at the least had an Apple product, can take the fact that they’ve bought something they he spent every night and day with his team to make it simple, elegant, and just work.


He was the Thomas Edison, the Albert Einstein of our time.
He will be missed, gone way too soon, but has changed the world more than once.
From grey Desktop boxes to thin, attractive pieces of technology, from the desk, to your lap, to the palm of your hand, to your earbuds.
Gutted i didn’t get the chance to meet you, but it’s only made me realise more that life is indeed short, and only makes me more determined to reach the end goal of working for your company, no matter how long this path will take.
Thank you.


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