WWDC: Predictions.

Under a day to go before the main event, and everything thats been seen on the web, i thought i’d do a list of what i’m expecting/hoping to see:

iOS 6

  • Maps
  • Facebook Integration
  • Unified Bar on Safari, as to how it looks on Mountain Lion
  • Baidu Search
  • Widgets
  • Siri API
  • Siri Maps outside USA
  • Weather Icon changes to location of the phone at last. If you’re in Lincoln, it shows Rain. If in Spain, a Sun.
  • Communication between apps. No filesystem, but just better app communication.
  • Maybe, a refreshed UI throughout.

From what I’ve seen previously, the features are mostly common sense, i.e, what is the next update that people actually want? When Mountain Lion was announced, iOS 6 features are probably being shown on the 10.8 section on the Apple site. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ notification option perhaps, and more powerful Mail options?

Mountain Lion

  • Siri Dictation
  • Release Date & Price

Apple TV

  • Regarding the new Apple TV OS, there was a new UI only in March, it would be completely nonsensical to me. So i think, perhaps the UI will remain, but an additional option will appear in an update for ‘Apps’.

The next post will be how right or wrong i was based on this 🙂

Looking forward to 6PM tomorrow!

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