Tim Cook at the D10 Conference.

As i’m having trouble sleeping in this mad heatwave, I stayed up for the 2AM Interview between Tim Cook at D10.

This is a conference that is now in its 10th year, it’s a great 3 days of interviews from all walks of technological life. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a joint interview a few years ago which was a brilliant highlight which should be seen on YouTube as soon as.

The above are only highlights of an hour show, but it gives you a great idea of it.

A website analysed what the interview gave, especially the bits of Facebook and ‘other’ Apple TV.

All in all it was enthralling and really shows that he knows that after nearly 14 years of being at Apple there won’t be any ‘massive’ changes undertaken unlike how the Forbes article from last week gave that impression.

And i’m getting the feeling this year’s WWDC is going to have a fair few surprises that will be much more than iOS 6 and Lion.


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