And Now For Something Completely Different.

Today, instead of a site or channel that catches my eye, it’s a documentary on a place that has been the home for Morcambe and Wise, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, the list goes on.

That’s the BBC Television Centre.

It’s a kind of landmark really, as so many classic shows have been filmed, thought up of in here, and it’s a great shame that it’s to be sold off in a couple of years.

So yesterday, I was shown to a documentary on BBC Four about it, from its creation, to it’s untimely near end, told by many people who have had the honour of working there.

Brilliantly for me, it starts with a red car that is in a favourite series of mine, so for me, it was a sign that i had to watch it throughout.

And i’m glad i did.

If you live in the UK, enjoy the following link.

If you don’t, watch out for it.


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