Taking Apart a Fuji-X100

Anyone’s nightmare when you’ve spent over £800 for something and water decides to say hi, but this guy did something different:

Let me give you all a piece of wisdom that I recently learned the hard way.  If you go on a fishing trip called ‘Hit em’ Hard’ and the captain tells you that you should take your bag off and put it in the ‘dry container’, what he really means by ‘dry container’ is a place that will fill up with seawater after he accidently clogs the drainage pipe, soaking you and your friends cameras, bags, wallets and cellphones for over an hour in salty seawater.


A few years ago, I bought a Sony camera, which was alright, but looking back at the pictures taken, I should have looked somewhere else.

So i was in America with the family on holiday, and in this theme park i thought i’d go on a water ride. I thought, my pocket is surely waterproof, so i tucked it in there. I take it out, and i’m faced with a rainbow screen and then no power, with a £150 bill to repair it.


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