Flickr: A Wasted Opportunity.

Hard to think that it was only a year after Flickr launched, that Yahoo acquired them in 2005.

It wasn’t for a couple years i remember until you could only log in with a Yahoo account. A pointless step of course, it was only until you could log in with Facebook that i decided to make an account. But this was around 2010, far too late.

It appeared on the Internet way before instagram, way before any kind of photo social networking site started to become common use. Because of Yahoo and their corporate, confusing way, it’s now wasted, trying to catch up in features that Google+, Instagram, and Facebook are thriving with.

So today i came across an article that goes into explicit detail of the history and the uncertain future that faces it.

Flickr is still very valuable. It has a massive database of geotagged, Creative Commons- and Getty-licensed, subject-tagged photos. But sadly, Yahoo’s steady march of incompetence doesn’t bode well for making use of these valuable properties. If the Internet really were a series of tubes, Yahoo would be the leaking sewage pipe, covering everything it comes in contact with in watered-down shit.


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