Adobe CS6 released.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 was released in many editions and the standard sky high price.

I’ve been using a trial of it, and it works well, the dark UI in Photoshop is a great improvement over CS 5.5, but i wonder if this is the last we’ll see of this suite only being available on Windows and Mac.

Here’s a review of it from PC Mag:

There’s no denying that Premiere Pro CS6 can do everything the professional video editor needs. Its easy integration with After Effects and Photoshop are definite boons. But when you compare it with the most recent version of Final Cut Pro X, which adds powerful multicam support and other feature pros need, Apple’s product just feels more modern, fluid, and usable, which explains why it earns PCMag’s Editors’ Choice.


I wont be totally surprised if i see Creative Suite 7 to be available for iPad alongside the desktop variations. Photoshop Touch has already given a great foundation for more Adobe apps such as After Effects to be available for the tablet market.

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