The S III, the first phone designed by lawyers?

Well, it definitely doesn’t look like an iPhone this time.

Which brought me to this:

Why should Samsung care about what Apple thinks? Well for one, there’s the aforementioned legal goon squad, and for two, Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers. Not for phones – walking around Apple campus with a Galaxy phone sounds like a good way to get fired – Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers for components. Samsung makes all sorts of phone and tablet components: CPUs, RAM, flash memory, displays, and more, and they want Apple to buy them – and they do. The iPhone 4, for example, owes about 25% of its component cost to Samsung. Apple sells a lot of phones, so that’s a lot of cash in Samsung’s pocket. The iPhone/Galaxy battle is a win/win for Samsung, and they would like to keep it that way.

That’s right, the entire phone design revolves around not pissing off Apple.


At least they tried to be original this time. But even so when it comes to their software, like ‘S Voice’ and its similar UI to Siri, they’ve a long way to go.

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