Another winning feature for Windows 8: No DVD Playback

Even though i have all my movies stored on iTunes, obviously there’s a large percentage who has shelves full of DVD’s of their favourite movies and TV series.

Thanks to Windows 8, when you first slot in your favourite DVD, you will be asked to either purchase the ‘Media Center’ add on to enable this, or to install a third party program.

To be fair, installing a third party program such as VLC to play them is an easy task, but the fact that people upgrading from a previous Windows version to lose this feature, would be annoying to say the least.

Windows 8 Pro is designed to help tech enthusiasts obtain a broader set of Windows 8 technologies. Acquiring either theWindows 8 Media Center Pack or the Windows 8 Pro Pack gives you Media Center, including DVD playback (in Media Center, not in Media Player), broadcast TV recording and playback (DBV-T/S, ISDB-S/T, DMBH, and ATSC), and VOB file playback. Pricing for these Packs, as well as retail versions of Windows 8, will be announced closer to the release date. To give you some indication of Media Center Pack pricing, it will be in line with marginal costs.

My sympathies go out to the 200 million + who will be upgrading to this.


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