Xbox + Kinect on 2 year subscription poised to launch soon.

Another great article from The Verge:

Microsoft is planning to launch a $99 Xbox console package with a monthly subscription as early as next week, according to our sources. The software giant will offer the 4GB console with a Kinect sensor at its range of Microsoft Stores in the US, subsidized with a monthly cost of $15. We’re told that the two-year subscription will provide access to the Xbox Live Gold service and possibly some additional streaming content from cable providers or sports package providers. Customers who sign-up for the deal will also be covered under a two-year warranty.

The fact that they’re trying to place it squarely against Apple TV, Roku, Playstation 3, only solidifies how they want it to be the focus of the living room.

Interesting development that you wouldn’t expect from Microsoft.

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