Raspberry Pi: The Next Step.

The Raspberry Pi, which is a small linux based computer selling for $25, has only just started shipping to its many customers after being introduced back in February.

I think this could be greatly used in schools, given out to students taking ICT, and being given an introduction into how a computer actually works. A great introduction like this would be really beneficial for them.

BBC News has a review of the device:

This may be the perfect opportunity to push coding easily into the classroom, with the Pi’s readily available installations of Scratch and Python, and may indeed encourage more girls to get involved if it is put into schools in the right way – proactively.

After all, kids tend to follow their friends: intrigue follows intrigue.

As the operating system can only be put on an SD card, which has very limited capacity, they won’t become mainstream Windows machines, and that will get Linux into schools. A great step forward.


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