The original ‘Google Phone’ in 2006.

Another interesting story from the Oracle vs. Google case ongoing:

At that time, touchscreen support wasn’t a requirement — in fact, the baseline specs required two soft menu keys, indicating that touchscreens weren’t really in the plan at all. 

Back in 2006, Google had Android working on TI’s OMAP850 processor “in three form factors,” and functional apps included the dialer, home screen, messaging app, contacts, and an early example of Android’s ubiquitous WebKit-based browser; implementations of Google Talk, Gmail, Calendar, MMS, “chat-based SMS” (presumably a threaded messaging app), and POP email were expected for Q3 of that same year. That’s a lot of functionality considering that it would be another year and a half before we’d see the first Android prototypes on display.

All told, Google expected Android to be certified by carriers between June 1st and August 31st of 2007, at which point it’d be released to manufacturers. Of course, it wasn’t until October of 2008 that the G1 hit shelves.

Pictures can be seen in the source link.
I wonder why they changed to make the touchscreen the focus of the phone?


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