Intel ‘Ivy Bridge’ launches.

Intel’s processors for 2012 have finally launched, with a lot of fuss over the ‘tri-gate’ transistor:

Intel hopes a new transistor technology, in development for 11 years, will help it challenge Arm’s reputation for energy efficiency. 

“For the user, that means the benefits of better performance and energy use will continue for as far as Intel sees on the road map.” 

“What Intel has been able to do is instead of just shrinking the transistor in two dimensions, we have been able to create a three-dimensional transistor for the first time.”

It used to be the race to meet the 2 GHZ or 3 GHZ speed mark, but since the rise of ARM, Intel is now trying to catch up with them in power efficiency.
I think after their 2013 processor, codenamed ‘Haswell’ arrives, we may start to see notebooks with ARM processors in as well as today’s tablets, and a total change will occur once that happens.

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