Mobile Operators unconvinced by Nokia’s revival bid.

Skeptics among operators say the sleek, neon-colored phones are overpriced for what is not an innovative product, cite a lack of marketing dollars put behind the phones, and image problems caused by glitches in the battery and software of the early models.

“No one comes into the store and asks for a Windows phone,” said an executive in charge of mobile devices at a European operator, which has sold the Lumia 800 and 710 since December.

A spokesman for a third operator who did not want to be named said: “If they could lower the price we think they could sell more. It might be worth making it a bit of a loss leader to get it out of the door. It’s not rocket science.”

Operators are also frustrated that cash-rich Microsoft is not spending more on marketing Nokia Windows phones.

Telecom consultant John Strand, who works with many of the top European carriers, said operators want to see more cash being spent. “The operators say to Nokia: ‘We will try to bail you out if you and Microsoft come with the marketing money.’”

“But even if the operators start to give away the Nokias for free, it will not make Nokia a success,” he added.

One device chief at a European operator agreed. “We can open our stores to them and train our staff to sell the phones, but that’s it,” he said.

“Ultimately, Nokia and Windows are challengers and they either need to come to market with a really disruptive, innovative product or a huge marketing budget to create client demand. So far they have done neither.”


I’ve tried the Lumia, and it’s design is sleek, easy to hold, lightweight, and i’ve thought it’s got a great chance to be the flagship to Windows Phone.

So far, i’ve seen no marketing anywhere to aggressively push it into the potential users, and if you look on O2’s site, you can easily have the phone for free on a 2 year contract for £27 a month, but there’s no link at the front page to encourage first time buyers.

If you go onto Vodafone’s website, you see a large banner advertising the features right away, with the same contract for £26.

A pity if this phone goes to waste.

Vodafone Nokia Lumia

O2 Nokia Lumia

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