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“Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon, for a more civilised age.”

Inspired by a tweet from Matt Gemmell, I wanted to speak of the tools I currently use on a daily basis, either in the day or in the evening, depending on the task at hand.

We all use our devices in completely different ways. Some can depend on just having a phone, while others need more than two devices to manage their personal and work life in order to constantly be in the loop and in contact when needed.

With this, I have four devices, all I use daily, all I can justify in using, to make this site and the day job be the best it can.

Any section below will be updated if:

  • If I upgrade any of the devices.
  • I’m using an app on more than one device.
  • A new app has appeared that I’m using daily.

Updated January 2017 – iPhone 7 128GB.

Updated April 2016 – iPhone SE.

Created: February 2016

The Main Device.

Last September, I upgraded to the iPhone 7.

From Spotify to Twitter, I use these all on a daily basis. The camera is the favourite feature of mine, and it’s why I pay for 200GB of iCloud Storage so they’re backed up, as well as locally stored on the phone so I can share in WhatsApp or Slack.

Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are the social networks I’m usually on.

The Notepad.

Creating drafts, notes and replying to emails, I use my iPad Pro 9.7″, while also reading anything that catches my eye, whether it’s a web page or a book I’m currently finishing.


Apps mainly used:

The Companion.

Since it arrived in June of last year, I’ve had an Apple Watch with a Milenese Loop on my wrist which can help me look at any important notifications if I’m busy to check the phone.

But since I’m now using a Steel band from Amazon, and with watchOS 3, i’ve found myself using it even more. I’m becoming more addicted to those three rings, especially the 30 minute activity ring.


I use Dark Sky which lets me know when it could be raining as I’m about to leave work or a coffee/gin house, or what the weather ahead is like if I’m travelling somewhere.

Apps mainly used:

The Desk.

To edit anything I write while creating and editing pictures, I use a 2013 MacBook Air that usually resides in the flat.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 15.55.49

The apps mainly used:

  • OpenEmu
  • Notes
  • IA Writer
  • Messages
  • Mail
  • Parallels Desktop – Mainly to boot into Windows 10 if I needed a few screenshots of a game I couldn’t play otherwise on Mac OS X.

The Universals.

There’s also a few apps that I use across all of the above devices, which you may have seen mentioned more than once.

Fantastical is a great calendar tool to remind me of any tasks that need doing, either in the day or night job. It’s a ‘complication’ on the Watch, is on the menu bar on the Mac, and is a widget on the iPhone.

Spotify is what I use to manage the music across all devices, and I’m anxiously waiting for an Apple Watch app or complication to better use the service.

Tweetbot is my main Twitter client on the Mac and iPad. For some reason I prefer the first-party client on the iPhone, but they’re all synced and easily able to go through notifications. But I do think ‘Moments’ is a waste of a feature.