1.36: ‘The Ticci Scale’, with Federico Viticci.

A new year calls for a guest who has been an affiliate for the iPad-Only lifestyle, and who better than Federico Viticci.

The Editor-in-Chief of MacStories, a podcaster of Connected, Remaster and a whole lot more on RelayFM, we talk about his challenges with USB-C, where the iPad can go, and of course, Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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Belkin’s USB-C Adapter.

Screenshot in Frames Shortcut on MacStories.

Smash Bros Ultimate on Switch.

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller.

Gamecube Controller for Switch.

Connected Meetup from 2016.

Ticci Scale.

The Outpost Show
The Outpost Show
1.36: ‘The Ticci Scale’, with Federico Viticci.