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Short Thoughts: PS Now coming to PC.


From Playstation:

This will bring a wide selection of PlayStation exclusive titles to Windows PC for the very first time, including entries in the Uncharted, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank franchises, as well as beloved PS3 games like The Last of Us and Journey. Current subscribers have a new way to access PS Now’s library of over 400 games, and the PC app provides a new way for even more gamers to discover and play the service.


It’s the next step. It gives people without a Sony console, opportunity to play Uncharted 3, and as long as they (mostly) have a fast internet connection, they’ll be able to play it with next-to-no lag. I imagine it will be announced in more detail at Sony’s event on the 7th next month with some impressions.

They’re also selling an adapter for a Dual Shock 4, with a short mention to Mac for extra compatibility. It’s only a matter of time before PS Now arrives on macOS.

I’d still like to see previous purchases made on a PS3 or PS Vita, such as PSOne Classics, be able to be played on this service or natively on my PS4. But for this, it’s a great next step nonetheless.

Short Thoughts: Tomb Raider Suite Pre-Sale Live.


Back in April at ‘PAX’, Nathan McCree announced a suite, playing the music from the first three Tomb Raider games that he had written and composed, live and with an orchestra.

You may recall I did an interview with him a few years ago, which can be read here.
Today, the pre-sale is now live, allowing fans to buy tickets 48 hours before they’re officially available on Friday.
You can buy a variety of tickets, from standing to seating, to VIP. But I imagine they’ll be hard to find in a few days after official release.

But I have my ticket bought.

With the 20th anniversary of the series this year, I imagine there’ll be even more announcements to come. But listening to the music live and hearing Nathan give some stories before the main event, will make it a great show to attend.


Short Thoughts: Classic Lara Returns.

As part of ongoing #TombRaider20 celebrations hosted by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration launches on PlayStation 4 October 11. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will include the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider, a new story chapter called “Blood Ties,” co-op play for “Endurance Mode”, all previously released DLC, and more.

  • Re-envisioned cold-weather outfit and weapon for Lara inspired by Tomb Raider III
  • Classic Lara card pack which will allow fans to play “Expedition Modes” using one of several classic Lara models


Rise of the Tomb Raider has been announced for PS4 as an improved port, but some additional features mentioned above have, swayed me to buy it.
You can play as Lara from Tomb Raider II or III, while modern Lara has her own Antarctica costume from Tomb Raider III.

There’s even a variety of missions set in Croft Manor, as you use PlayStation VR. Interesting.

I wonder if there’s a hidden switch to play ‘Venice Violins‘ once again in the dining room.