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My Link to the CANCELLED

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Last year spoke of the games that you were familiar with, but could have taken a different path with levels and cut scenes removed.

This year, it’s about the games that ceased to exist. Some that were long rumoured, while others were barely known to exist. With this feature about my past experiences, its the five that I had heard of during their time and whats been discovered since.


My Link to the Past: Pokèmon.


Back in school, you came across trends which consumed everyone for a certain amount of time. You had to get the product to be rid of that feeling that you were missing out on something. Back in the nineties, I remember the following:

  • Tazos
  • Street Sharks
  • Dinosaurs
  • Alien Babies
  • Moving images cards
  • Pokèmon

Like any trend, I remember Pokèmon appearing out of nowhere. Over one week, suddenly everyone had the cards, the games, and talked of the tv show. I even remember one who had a fake card with a water-type Pikachu and being convinced it was genuine.

Towards the end of the 90’s, Pokèmon was the last trend for me. It appeared so quickly and vanished so quickly for me. I still have the cards up in the loft, along with the games.


My Link to the Past: Game Boy


The past week had a certain phone that’s crashed websites, customer service phone lines, and long queues to own one. It’s incredible how much one device can appeal to so many.

Alongside this, its also 125 years since Nintendo first appeared as a company, and so this month instead of a game, its the Game Boy.

In the mid-90’s for kids wanting to play games on the go, there was only one handheld that did this so well.


My Link to the Past: Sonic & Knuckles.


The year of 1997 seems to be a recurring one as of late.

This time it’s the second half of Sonic 3; Sonic & Knuckles.

When Sonic Team were in early development with Sonic 3, they realised that their scope of the much anticipated sequel was far too big to be contained into one game. So they decided to split the game in two. But with the cloud and saves on a console non-existent at the time, they came up with an innovative plan that is still looked back on today with great fondness.


My Link to the Past: Demo Discs.


A little different this month, as it’s all about the demo discs from magazines. Magazines in recent years have seen a downturn due to the rise of tablets, iPads especially. There are two magazines that I always used to look out for, which are still in circulation today. GamesMaster and Official Playstation Magazine (OPM). Without them, I would have no idea about the new games and sequels being released for the coming months. There wasn’t a PC with internet in the household until the turn of the century, and so these were what I solely depended on.


My Link to the Past: Tekken 2.


The first of a two-parter, where two games of the Tekken series will be talked of in detail this month.

It began in July of 1997, where a Playstation arrived into the household. With every box included a demo disk. Back in the days of the Internet slowly taking off, the idea of a console being connected to a worldwide network at all times seemed implausible.

You’d have a selection of playable demos or a running video, and in order to fit all of these on one 800MB disc, some features would have to have been cut.

This is when one of these playable demos was a 3D fighter called ‘Tekken 2’.