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Final Zone Volume 1.

Last month I made the decision to pause the Final Zone feature for now and resume it next year, for two reasons.

  1. Two new features are coming very soon, which I’d like to focus on for the remainder of the year.
  2. I’m investing in equipment to take advantage of the newer consoles I own, so it won’t just be Mega Drive or Playstation, but soon, Dreamcast and Playstation 2.

But, I still wanted to do one last contribution to the feature for now, not just leave it in a section on the header.
After research and planning, I’ve decided to release the first fifteen as a free ebook in August. There’s already a preliminary front cover, which will most probably be refined by the time it’s released.


Final Zone – Super Mario Land 2.

In every form of medium, everyone has a nemesis.
Superman – Lex Luthor.
Batman – The Joker.
Spider-Man – Venom.
Me – Facebook Quotes.

With Mario, there was only Bowser in the NES games, but when it came to his Game Boy series, another appeared, spawning a whole other franchise.


Final Zone – Tekken Tag Tournament.

My favourite game in the Tekken series, behind Tag 2 and Tekken 3. It was one of the first games I played when the Playstation 2 was bought. I remember renting it on a Friday and unlocking all 32 characters over the weekend.

But I first came across it in an Arcade when I was on holiday, and seeing a new Tekken game for the first time, there was no other choice but to spend many an afternoon on this machine.

But in a time when you didn’t have access to Wikipedia and the wider internet as we do today, the final boss was, unknown to me.


Final Zone: Golden Axe.

Before we start, a few words now that this is the tenth entry in the feature. A new page can be found at the top of the site in the header, where it can be much easier to find past entries on the feature. Follow the page, and click on a picture to go to the desired game.

This is another game that stemmed from first playing it on the ‘MegaGames II‘ collection alongside Streets of Rage.

A game that was released in 1989 on arcades and in Japan, eventually launching in Europe in November of 1990. The gameplay shares many similarities with Streets of Rage, even being rumoured for sharing the game engine due to how similar they both play. But for Golden Axe the difficulty started high, and peaking at the final boss.


Final Zone: Streets of Rage.

This is a game that I always see as part of a package, mainly due to first playing it on the ‘MegaGames II‘ compilation where it bundled Golden Axe, Shinobi, and this game into one cartridge.
Since first playing it in 1996, I only managed to complete it last year after many tries and refusing to use the features of what an emulator can grant you.


Final Zone: Wario Blast.

This is a game that’s been forgotten about in the passage of time.

A spinoff of both the Bomberman & Wario series, it was released in 1995, which I received at Christmas of that year. It is most definitely one of those games where you could  happily play it as an endless running marathon, and post your best survival time.

It’s a challenging game.

But with the final boss, it would be guaranteed that you’d lose here and here only in the first time you encountered it.


Final Zone: Sonic 3.

It’s the birthday this week, so before the feature goes into games that don’t relate to me heavily, I’ve decided to go all out, and tell you about the final boss from a game that started it all for me in 1994, which is one of my all time, favourite games.