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Short Thoughts: iPhone is Ten today.

The 9th of January 2007 was when the iPhone was first announced. I remember watching the first part of the keynote, where Steve Jobs announced a ‘Widescreen iPod with touch controls‘. I had been hoping for one for so long, I was so excited to see one finally confirmed.
But then I had to go to work, and it wasn’t until I got back around midnight, that I could see what an ‘iPhone’ was.
I remember buying one from eBay not long after its June 29th launch. It even came in an AT&T bag, and using some ‘methods’, got it unlocked. I haven’t owned another smartphone since.

Reading Apple’s ‘Newsroom’ post from this morning, I believe it when they say it’s still only the start of things. We really are still closer to the starting line than the finish line ten years on.

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Photo Comparisons of iPhone 3G & iPhone 7.


As I was writing the impressions last week, I decided to walk around Lincoln and take side-by-side shots of the 7, alongside the iPhone 3G, mainly for curiosity.

None of these images have been changed, they were both taken at the same time, no settings applied.

I would also not recommend seeing them on Apple News, as they don’t show the slider feature. Open in Safari and the below will work as it should do.

Enjoy the findings.


‘I’ve had a haircut, this is my best suit.’

‘It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for.’


A confession.
I didn’t like the 6 and 6S.
The design I didn’t like, with their thick border lines. I always thought it was a step back from the elegant iPhone 5 and 4 before it.
It even felt uncomfortable to hold to me.
I wanted to go back, and I did with the iPhone SE. The latest features alongside a great design in a smaller body? How could I say no.

But then on Friday, the iPhone 7 appeared in matte black.


WWDC 2016 Predictions.

‘Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon.’

Right now on social media, it’s a time where people speculate as to what they think Apple will announce in six hours from now at 18:00.
This is, in a sense, a follow up to a piece I wrote a few months ago, of how the iPad is going to be the focus of iOS 10. But with rumours now gaining traction, I thought I’d give my predictions and some hopes for tonight.


Travelling with iOS.

Eventually, there’s going to be a time where you’ll find yourself unable to charge your device, leaving you without a way of communicating, taking photos, or finishing that level in Sonic CD.
The first week of May was spent abroad, so when you’re carrying two iOS devices that have great cameras, the inevitable happens of where you see the ‘Low Battery‘ notifcation appear. But instead of looking for a spare plug socket, it was a simple matter of plugging the iPhone into a battery pack I had bought a fortnight before. Now I can’t imagine a time without it.


The Best of Both Worlds.

‘Chewie, we’re home.’


For the last week, I’ve been going through old Apple events in the mid 2000’s, mainly the iPod announcements. The one that stands out for me is the reveal of the iPod Video. I remember hoping for one like that to come out ever since I bought an iPod Photo from a trip in America.
One thing that struck me, was that there was, in 2006, three iPod models with different screen sizes, storage sizes, and colours. All justifiable, all available. A year later, that went up to four with the new iPod Touch.
Ten years later, we now have the same, but with the iPhone. Customers’ tastes have varied so much now, that if there was only one iPhone model, with only one screen size available in 2016, there would be an uproar.

Since the announcement of the iPhone 6, I was hoping that Apple wouldn’t forget the 4 inch model, and hopefully update it with the speed of the current models.
That day finally came when they announced, as I’d hoped, with the iPhone SE.
As soon as pre-orders opened up, I reserved one on the following Thursday at 8am, and waited patiently for it to arrive the following week.