Final Zone – Super Mario Land 2.

In every form of medium, everyone has a nemesis.
Superman – Lex Luthor.
Batman – The Joker.
Spider-Man – Venom.
Me – Facebook Quotes.

With Mario, there was only Bowser in the NES games, but when it came to his Game Boy series, another appeared, spawning a whole other franchise.


Final Zone – Tekken Tag Tournament.

My favourite game in the Tekken series, behind Tag 2 and Tekken 3. It was one of the first games I played when the Playstation 2 was bought. I remember renting it on a Friday and unlocking all 32 characters over the weekend.

But I first came across it in an Arcade when I was on holiday, and seeing a new Tekken game for the first time, there was no other choice but to spend many an afternoon on this machine.

But in a time when you didn’t have access to Wikipedia and the wider internet as we do today, the final boss was, unknown to me.


The Best of Both Worlds.

‘Chewie, we’re home.’


For the last week, I’ve been going through old Apple events in the mid 2000’s, mainly the iPod announcements. The one that stands out for me is the reveal of the iPod Video. I remember hoping for one like that to come out ever since I bought an iPod Photo from a trip in America.
One thing that struck me, was that there was, in 2006, three iPod models with different screen sizes, storage sizes, and colours. All justifiable, all available. A year later, that went up to four with the new iPod Touch.
Ten years later, we now have the same, but with the iPhone. Customers’ tastes have varied so much now, that if there was only one iPhone model, with only one screen size available in 2016, there would be an uproar.

Since the announcement of the iPhone 6, I was hoping that Apple wouldn’t forget the 4 inch model, and hopefully update it with the speed of the current models.
That day finally came when they announced, as I’d hoped, with the iPhone SE.
As soon as pre-orders opened up, I reserved one on the following Thursday at 8am, and waited patiently for it to arrive the following week.


Final Zone: Golden Axe.

Before we start, a few words now that this is the tenth entry in the feature. A new page can be found at the top of the site in the header, where it can be much easier to find past entries on the feature. Follow the page, and click on a picture to go to the desired game.

This is another game that stemmed from first playing it on the ‘MegaGames II‘ collection alongside Streets of Rage.

A game that was released in 1989 on arcades and in Japan, eventually launching in Europe in November of 1990. The gameplay shares many similarities with Streets of Rage, even being rumoured for sharing the game engine due to how similar they both play. But for Golden Axe the difficulty started high, and peaking at the final boss.