Travelling with iOS.

Eventually, there’s going to be a time where you’ll find yourself unable to charge your device, leaving you without a way of communicating, taking photos, or finishing that level in Sonic CD.
The first week of May was spent abroad, so when you’re carrying two iOS devices that have great cameras, the inevitable happens of where you see the ‘Low Battery‘ notifcation appear. But instead of looking for a spare plug socket, it was a simple matter of plugging the iPhone into a battery pack I had bought a fortnight before. Now I can’t imagine a time without it.


The Idea of Superman.

Well, what he can’t do, it doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of Superman. Someone to believe in, someone to build a few hopes around. Whatever he can do, that’s enough.
– 1993, Lois and Clark, ’Neverending Battle’.

I’ve never been angry from a film before.
I’ve been disappointed, such as Iron Man 2, Amazing Spiderman, but Batman Vs. Jesus broke the back for me.

Essentially for me, it’s an abomination, a waste of two hours and a colossal waste of well known characters a lot of people have grown up with.


Final Zone – Super Mario Land 2.

In every form of medium, everyone has a nemesis.
Superman – Lex Luthor.
Batman – The Joker.
Spider-Man – Venom.
Me – Facebook Quotes.

With Mario, there was only Bowser in the NES games, but when it came to his Game Boy series, another appeared, spawning a whole other franchise.


Final Zone – Tekken Tag Tournament.

My favourite game in the Tekken series, behind Tag 2 and Tekken 3. It was one of the first games I played when the Playstation 2 was bought. I remember renting it on a Friday and unlocking all 32 characters over the weekend.

But I first came across it in an Arcade when I was on holiday, and seeing a new Tekken game for the first time, there was no other choice but to spend many an afternoon on this machine.

But in a time when you didn’t have access to Wikipedia and the wider internet as we do today, the final boss was, unknown to me.